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  • Bell's Palsy in Children (BellPIC) : protocol for a multicentre, placebo-controlled randomized trial 

    Babl, Franz E.; Mackay, Mark T.; Borland, Meredith L.; Herd, David W.; Kochar, Amit; Hort, Jason; Rao, Arjun; Cheek, John A.; Furyk, Jeremy; Barrow, Lisa; George, Shane; Zhang, Michael; Gardiner, Kaya; Lee, Katherine J.; Davidson, Andrew; Berkowitz, Robert; Sullivan, Frank; Porrello, Emily; Dalziel, Kim Marie; Anderson, Vicki; Oakley, Ed; Hopper, Sandy; Williams, Fiona; Wilson, Catherine; Williams, Amanda; Dalziel, Stuart R.; for the PREDICT (Paediatric Research In Emergency Departments International Collaborative) research network (2017-02-13) - Journal article
    Background : Bell's palsy or acute idiopathic lower motor neurone facial paralysis is characterized by sudden onset paralysis or weakness of the muscles to one side of the face controlled by the facial nerve. While there ...