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  • Animal similes and creativity in the 'Posthomerica' of Quintus of Smyrna 

    Spinoula, Barbara (2008) - Thesis
    This thesis examines the similes of wild animals in the third century epic poem Posthomerica, of Quintus of Smyrna. The similes are studied in both inter-textual and textual levels. The former approach discusses ...
  • Anion gap as a prognostic tool for risk stratification in critically ill patients – a systematic review and meta-analysis 

    Glasmacher, Stella Andrea; Stones, William (2016-08-30) - Journal article
    Background Lactate concentration is a robust predictor of mortality but in many low resource settings facilities for its analysis are not available. Anion gap (AG), calculated from clinical chemistry results, is a marker ...
  • Annelid Distal-less/Dlx duplications reveal varied post-duplication fates 

    McDougall, Carmel; Korchagina, Natalia; Tobin, Johnathan; Ferrier, David Ellard Keith (2011-08-16) - Journal article
    Background: Dlx (Distal-less) genes have various developmental roles and are widespread throughout the animal kingdom, usually occurring as single copy genes in non-chordates and as multiple copies in most chordate genomes. ...
  • Annex 3 : summary report of facilitated events and aviation site visits 

    Sustainable Development Commission (Sustainable Development Commission, 2008-02-28) - Report
    This annex outlines the results of the Sustainable Development Commission and Institute for Public Policy Research stakeholder assessment events on 12th December, 30th January and 28th February, in addition to case studies ...
  • Annual report 2013-2014 

    University of St Andrews. Library (University of St Andrews, 2015-01) - Report
    The Library's annual report for 2013-2014 highlights the range of activity across the library. The report covers notable new print and electronic acquisitions, events, changes to the library space, support for the preservation ...
  • Annual report 2010-2011 

    University of St Andrews. Library (University of St Andrews, 2012-01) - Report
    The Library's annual report for 2010-2011 covers notable new print and electronic acquisitions, progress with the Redevelopment project, events and staff activities over the past year.
  • Annual report 2011-2012 

    University of St Andrews. Library (University of St Andrews, 2013-02) - Report
    The Library's annual report for 2011-2012 highlights the redevelopment of the Main Library and changes to Library services. The report also covers notable new print and electronic acquisitions, events and staff activities ...
  • Annual report on the implementation of Council Regulation (EC) No 812/2004 during 2014 

    Northridge, Simon; Kingston, Al; Thomas, Len (European Commission, 2015-06-01) - Report
  • Anomalies of a nonequilibrium spinor polariton condensate in a magnetic field 

    Fischer, J.; Brodbeck, S.; Chernenko, A. V.; Lederer, I.; Rahimi-Iman, A.; Amthor, M.; Kulakovskii, V. D.; Worschech, L.; Kamp, M.; Durnev, M.; Schneider, C.; Kavokin, A. V.; Hoefling, S. (2014-03-06) - Journal article
    We observe a strong variation of the Zeeman splitting of exciton polaritons in microcavities when switching between the linear regime, the polariton lasing, and photon lasing regimes. In the polariton lasing regime the ...
  • Anomalous change in dielectric constant of CaCu3Ti4O12 under violet-to-ultraviolet irradiation 

    Masingboon, C.; Eknapakul, T.; Suwanwong, S.; Buaphet, P.; Nakajima, H.; Mo, S. -K.; Thongbai, P.; King, P. D. C.; Maensiri, S.; Meevasana, W. (2013-05-20) - Journal article
    The influence of light illumination on the dielectric constant of CaCu3Ti4O12 (CCTO) polycrystals is studied in this work. When exposed to 405-nm laser light, a reversible enhancement in the room temperature capacitance ...
  • Anomalous change in leakage and displacement currents after electrical poling on lead-free ferroelectric ceramics 

    Borkar, H.; Tomar, M.; Gupta, V.; Scott, James Floyd; Kumar, A. (2015-09-21) - Journal article
    We report the polarization, displacement current, and leakage current behavior of a trivalent nonpolar cation (Al3+) substituted lead free ferroelectric (Na0.46Bi0.46-xAlxBa0.08)TiO3 (NBAT-BT) (x = 0, 0.05, 0.07 and 0.10) ...
  • Anomalous motions in the Local Group : evidence of a past Milky Way–Andromeda flyby? 

    Banik, Indranil; Zhao, Hongsheng (2016-05-26) - Conference paper
    The expansion of the Universe is not homogeneous. In the Local Group (LG), Andromeda (M31) is approaching the Milky Way (MW) at ~110 km/s. To turn around the cosmic expansion locally to this extent, their combined mass ...
  • Anomalous oxidation of Fe-Si alloys under a low oxygen pressure at 800 °C 

    Liu, L.L.; Guo, Q.Q.; Liu, S.; Ni, C.S.; Niu, Y. (2015) - Journal article
    Abstract The oxidation of three Fe-xSi alloys (x = 5, 9, 13 at.%) under 10−20 atm O2 at 800 °C formed in all cases SiO2 layers. For Fe-5Si this layer broke down and healed up periodically forming an anomalous internal ...
  • Another biomineralising protostome with an msp130 gene and conservation of msp130 gene structure across Bilateria 

    Szabo, Réka; Ferrier, David Ellard Keith (2015-05) - Journal article
    Msp130 genes are known for their association with biomineralisation, principally in echinoderm skeletogenesis. Recently, msp130 genes were shown to exist more widely across the animal kingdom, including in molluscs, and a ...
  • Another continental vulture crisis : Africa’s vultures collapsing toward extinction 

    Ogada, Darcy; Shaw, Philip; Beyers, Rene L; Buij, Ralph; Murn, Campbell; Thiollay, Jean Marc; Beale, Colin M; Holdo, Ricardo M; Pomeroy, Derek; Baker, Neil; Krüger, Sonja C; Botha, Andre; Virani, Munir Z; Monadjem, Ara; Sinclair, Anthony R E (2016-04-26) - Journal article
    Vultures provide critical ecosystem services, yet populations of many species have collapsed worldwide. We present the first estimates of a 30-year Pan- African vulture decline, confirming that declines have occurred on a ...
  • Anscombe and Geach on Mind and the Soul 

    Haldane, John Joseph (2016-05-04) - Journal article
    Anscombe and Geach were among the most interesting philosophers to have come out of Oxford in the twentieth century. Even before they encountered Wittgenstein, they had begun to distinguish themselves from their contemporaries, ...
  • The answering machine paradox 

    Gudmundsson, David (University of St Andrews, 2012) - Thesis
    The answering machine paradox has relatively recently sparked some debate regarding Kaplan’s Demonstrative (1977). A popular approach to solve the answering machine paradox has been to reject Kaplan’s proper context ...
  • Antarctic sea ice control on ocean circulation in present and glacial climates 

    Ferrari, Raffaele; Jansen, Malte F.; Adkins, Jess F.; Burke, Andrea; Stewart, Andrew L.; Thompson, Andrew F. (2014-06-17) - Journal article
    In the modern climate, the ocean below 2 km is mainly filled by waters sinking into the abyss around Antarctica and in the North Atlantic. Paleoproxies indicate that waters of North Atlantic origin were instead absent below ...
  • Antenatal corticosteroids to reduce preterm deaths in low-income settings 

    Lawn, Joy E.; Segre, Joel; Barker, Pierre; Smith, Jeffrey; De La Torre, Irene; Stones, William (2014-08) - Journal item
  • Anthocyanins and their physiologically relevant metabolites alter the expression of IL-6 and VCAM-1 in CD40L and oxidized LDL challenged vascular endothelial cells 

    Amin, Hiren P.; Czank, Charles; Raheem, Saki; Zhang, Qingzhi; Botting, Nigel P.; Cassidy, Aedín; Kay, Colin D. (2015-06-02) - Journal article
    Scope : In vitro and in vivo studies suggest that dietary anthocyanins modulate cardiovascular disease risk; however, given anthocyanins extensive metabolism, it is likely that their degradation products and conjugated ...