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  • The X-ray crystal structures of primary aryl substituted selenoamides 

    Li, Yang; Hua, Guo-Xiong; Slawin, Alexandra M. Z.; Woollins, J. Derek (2009-02-23) - Journal article
    The X-ray structures of 12 primary selenoamides are reported. Metric parameters are provided, together with an illustration of the range of hydrogen bonding motifs.
  • X-ray crystallographic studies of sulfur/selenium heteroatom compounds 

    Du, Junyi (University of St Andrews, 2016-06-22) - Thesis
    The major aim of research reported on this thesis uses X-ray crystallography to investigate the structural features of a series of pentafluorosulfuranyl (SF₅) containing aromatic compounds, chalcogen amides, 2,4-diaryl-1 ...
  • An X-ray preionised mercury bromide discharge laser 

    Brown, Andrew J.W. (University of St Andrews, 1988-07) - Thesis
    An X-ray preionised mercury bromide discharge laser (502-504 nm) has been designed, constructed and optimised. The double pulse forming line system built to drive the laser has proven to be both versatile and reliable. It ...
  • X-ray radiative transfer in protoplanetary disks : The role of dust and X-ray background fields 

    Rab, Ch.; Güdel, M.; Woitke, P.; Kamp, I.; Thi, W-F; Min, M.; Aresu, G.; Meijerink, R. (2018-01-18) - Journal article
    Context. The X-ray luminosities of T Tauri stars are about two to four orders of magnitude higher than the luminosity of the contemporary Sun. As these stars are born in clusters, their disks are not only irradiated by ...
  • The X-ray Structures of 2,4-Dibromothiazole and 2,4-diacetyl-5-bromothiazole 

    Aitken, Kati Marianne; Aitken, R Alan; MacGregor, Callum I.; Traore, Mohamed D. M.; Slawin, Alexandra Martha Zoya (2015-12) - Journal article
    2,4-Dibromothiazole [orthorhombic, a = 6.700(10), b = 16.21(3), c = 5.516(8) Å, space group Fmm2] shows a disordered crystal structure with molecules randomly oriented with respect to the direction of the Br–C(2)–N–C(2)–Br ...
  • X-ray studies of zeolites and MOFs 

    Morris, Samuel Alexander (University of St Andrews, 2016-11-30) - Thesis
    This thesis is largely a study of the ADOR process (assembly-disassembly-organisation-reassembly) when applied to zeolite UTL. The final chapter of this thesis deals with the adsorption of the medical gases NO and CO onto ...
  • X-ray tomography characterization of density gradient aerogel in laser targets 

    Borisenko, L.; Orekhov, A.; Musgrave, C.; Nazarov, W.; Merkuliev, Yu; Borisenko, N. (2016-05-24) - Journal article
    The low-density solid laser target characterization studies begun with the SkyScan 1074 computer microtomograph (CMT) [1, 2] are now continued with higher resolution of SkyScan 1174. The research is particularly focused ...
  • X-Shooter study of accretion in Chamaeleon I 

    Manara, C. F.; Fedele, D.; Herczeg, G. J.; Teixeira, P. S. (2016-01-11) - Journal article
    We present the analysis of 34 new VLT/X-Shooter spectra of young stellar objects in the Chamaeleon I star-forming region, together with four more spectra of stars in Taurus and two in Chamaeleon II. The broad wavelength ...
  • Xp54 and related (DDX6-like) RNA helicases : roles in messenger RNP assembly, translation regulation and RNA degradation 

    Weston, A; Sommerville, John (2006-07) - Journal article
    The DEAD-box RNA helicase Xp54 is an integral component of the messenger ribonucleoprotein (mRNP) particles of Xenopus oocytes. In oocytes, several abundant proteins bind pre-mRNA transcripts to modulate nuclear export, ...
  • Yak whole-genome resequencing reveals domestication signatures and prehistoric population expansions 

    Qiu, Qiang; Wang, Lizhong; Wang, Kun; Yang, Yongzhi; Ma, Tao; Wang, Zefu; Zhang, Xiao; Ni, Zengqiang; Hou, Fujiang; Long, Ruijun; Abbott, Richard John; Lenstra, Johannes; Liu, Jianquan (2015-12-22) - Journal article
    Yak domestication represents an important episode in the early human occupation of the high-altitude Qinghai-Tibet Plateau (QTP). The precise timing of domestication is debated and little is known about the underlying ...
  • Yb-doped femtosecond lasers and their frequency doubling 

    Sarmani, Abdul Rahman (University of St Andrews, 2008) - Thesis
    Ultralow threshold, compact and highly efficient femtosecond lasers based on Yb³⁺-doped potassium yttrium tungstate (Yb:KYW) and Yb³⁺-doped vanadium yttrium oxide (Yb:YVO 4 ) have been demonstrated within this PhD-research ...
  • Yb:tungstate waveguide lasers 

    Bain, Fiona Mair (University of St Andrews, 2010-11-30) - Thesis
    Lasers find a wide range of applications in many areas including photo-biology, photo-chemistry, materials processing, imaging and telecommunications. However, the practical use of such sources is often limited by the ...
  • Yeast three-hybrid screen identifies TgBRADIN/GRA24 as a negative regulator of Toxoplasma gondii bradyzoite differentiation 

    Odell, Anahi V.; Tran, Fanny; Foderaro, Jenna E.; Poupart, Severine; Pathak, Ravindra; Westwood, Nicholas James; Ward, Gary E. (2015-03-19) - Journal article
    Differentiation of the protozoan parasite Toxoplasma gondii into its latent bradyzoite stage is a key event in the parasite’s life cycle. Compound 2 is an imidazopyridine that was previously shown to inhibit the parasite ...
  • Yefet ben 'Ali's commentary on the Hebrew text of the Book of Job I-X 

    Hussain, Haider Abbas (University of St Andrews, 1987) - Thesis
    This thesis is a critical edition of the Judeo-Arabic commentary on the Hebrew text of the Book of Job by one of the greatest Karaites of his age (second half of the tenth century A. D.), Yefet Ben 'Ali the Karaite. An ...
  • Ymchwiliad i greu swyddi yn yr economi werdd : papur cyflwyno gan y Comisiwn Datblygu Cynaliadwy 

    Sustainable Development Commission Wales (Sustainable Development Commission, 2010-01-21) - Report
    Response from the Sustainable Development Commission Wales to the inquiry by the National Assembly for Wales Enterprise and Learning Committee on generating jobs in the green economy.
  • Ymgynghoriad ar fframwaith amgylchedd naturiol Cymru : ymateb i adborth Comisiwn Datblygu Cynaliadwy 

    Sustainable Development Commission Wales (Sustainable Development Commission, 2010-12-21) - Report
    Sustainable Development Commission response to Welsh Assembly Government consultation on its natural environment framework.
  • Ymgynghoriad ar fwyd 

    Sustainable Development Commission Wales (Sustainable Development Commission, 2010-09-27) - Report
    Sustainable Development Commission Wales submission to the consultation on a food strategy for Wales.
  • Ymgynghoriad ar gynllunio ar gyfer ynni adnewyddadwy 

    Sustainable Development Commission Wales (Sustainable Development Commission, 2010-10-04) - Report
    Sustainable Development Commission response to Welsh Assembly Government consultation on proposals to enable a stronger planning system for developing renewable energy generation facilities.
  • Ynni gwynt : ateb eich cwestiynau 

    Sustainable Development Commission (Sustainable Development Commission, 2005-06-24) - Report
    This is a summary booklet based on the longer report 'Wind power in the UK : a guide to the key issues surrounding onshore wind power development in the UK'. The booklet is written for householders wishing to get a better ...
  • Ynni llanw yn y DU 

    Sustainable Development Commission (Sustainable Development Commission, 2007-10) - Report
    Dengys ymchwil fanwl ynghyd ag ymgysylltu â’r cyhoedd a rhanddeiliaid y gallai tua 10% o anghenion ynni’r DU gael ei darparu gan gyfuniad o ynni llif llanw ac amrediad llanw, gyda thua 50% o adnodd y DU ar hyd arfordir Cymru.