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  • T cell immunity to the alkyl hydroperoxide reductase of Burkholderia pseudomallei : a correlate of disease outcome in acute melioidosis 

    Reynolds, Catherine; Goudet, Amélie; Jenjaroen, Kemajittra; Sumonwiriya, Manutsanun; Rinchai, Darawan; Musson, Julie; Overbeek, Saskia; Makinde, Julia; Quigley, Kathryn; Manji, Jiten; Spink, Natasha; Yos, Pagnarith; Wuthiekanun, Vanaporn; Bancroft, Gregory; Robinson, John; Lertmemongkolchai, Ganjana; Dunachie, Susanna; Maillere, Bernard; Holden, Matthew; Altmann, Daniel; Boyton, Rosemary (2015-05-15) - Journal article
    There is an urgent need for a better understanding of adaptive immunity to Burkholderia pseudomallei, the causative agent of melioidosis that is frequently associated with sepsis or death in patients in Southeast Asia and ...
  • T Tauri stars : mass accretion and X-ray emission 

    Gregory, Scott (University of St Andrews, 2007-04-30) - Thesis
    I develop the first magnetospheric accretion model to take account of the observed complexity of T Tauri magnetic fields, and the influence of stellar coronae. It is now accepted that accretion onto classical T Tauri stars ...
  • T. F. Torrance: reflections of a parish minister 

    Randall, David J. (St Mary's College, University of St Andrews, 2009-12-01) - Journal article
    Reflections by a former student of T. F. Torrance
  • T.S. Eliot among the Metaphysicals 

    Gray, Will (University of St Andrews, 2011) - Thesis
    Eliot’s admiration for the poetry of the seventeenth century is well known. However, the several documents that explore the subject (thinly scattered across decades) fail to constitute a full account. Drawing on manuscript ...
  • '[T]he language of self' : strategies of subjectivity in the novels of Don DeLillo 

    Pass, Phillip (University of St Andrews, 2011) - Thesis
    ‘[T]he language of self’: Strategies of Subjectivity in the Novels of Don DeLillo’ explores the manner in which both self and society are constructed in the writer’s longer fiction. Divided into two sections, the first, ...
  • Tabernacles of the Spirit 

    Gammack, George (St Mary's College, University of St Andrews, 2016-06-01) - Journal article
    In the classic tradition of the exploratory essay, George Gammack examines the theme of community in this paper. He details varied aspects of the creation of community among those who are retired, taking as its focus the ...
  • Taboo tattoos? A study of the gendered effects of body art on consumers' attitudes toward visibly tattooed front line staff 

    Baumann, Chris; Timming, Andrew Richard; Gollan, Paul (2016-03) - Journal article
    The purpose of this experiment is to examine the gendered effects of body art on consumers’ attitudes toward visibly tattooed employees. We analyse the reaction of 262 respondents with exposure to male and female front ...
  • Tacrine-allyl/propargylcysteine-benzothiazole trihybrids as potential anti-Alzheimer's drug candidates 

    Hiremathad, Asha; Chand, Karam; Esteves, A. Raquel; Cardoso, Sandra M; Ramsay, Rona R.; Chaves, Sílvia; Keri, Rangappa S.; Santos, M. Amélia (2016) - Journal article
    On continuing our research on new drug candidates for Alzheimer's disease (AD), we have designed, synthesized and evaluated a series of multifunctional trihybrid agents. The design strategy was based on the incorporation ...
  • Tailoring optical fibers for cell transfection 

    Ma, Nan (University of St Andrews, 2012-11-30) - Thesis
    Optical transfection is a promising technique for the delivery of foreign genetic material into cells by transiently changing the permeability of the cell membrane. Of the different optical light sources that have been ...
  • Tailoring the nature and strength of electron-phonon interactions in the SrTiO3(001) 2D electron liquid 

    Wang, Z.; Walker, S. McKeown; Tamai, A.; Wang, Y.; Ristic, Z.; Bruno, F. Y.; Torre, A. de la; Riccò, S.; Plumb, N. C.; Shi, M.; Hlawenka, P.; Sánchez-Barriga, J.; Varykhalov, A.; Kim, T. K.; Hoesch, M.; King, P. D. C.; Meevasana, W.; Diebold, U.; Mesot, J.; Moritz, B.; Devereaux, T. P.; Radovic, M.; Baumberger, F. (2016-08) - Journal article
    Surfaces and interfaces offer new possibilities for tailoring the many-body interactions that dominate the electrical and thermal properties of transition metal oxides1–4. Here, we use the prototypical two-dimensional ...
  • The Taipan galaxy survey : scientific goals and observing strategy 

    Cunha, Elisabete da; Hopkins, Andrew M.; Colless, Matthew; Taylor, Edward N.; Blake, Chris; Howlett, Cullan; Magoulas, Christina; Lucey, John R.; Lagos, Claudia; Kuehn, Kyler; Gordon, Yjan; Barat, Dilyar; Bian, Fuyan; Wolf, Christian; Cowley, Michael J.; White, Marc; Achitouv, Ixandra; Bilicki, Maciej; Bland-Hawthorn, Joss; Bolejko, Krzysztof; Brown, Michael J. I.; Brown, Rebecca; Bryant, Julia; Croom, Scott; Davis, Tamara M.; Driver, Simon P.; Filipovic, Miroslav D.; Hinton, Samuel R.; Johnston-Hollitt, Melanie; Jones, D. Heath; Koribalski, Baerbel; Kleiner, Dane; Lawrence, Jon; Lorente, Nuria; Mould, Jeremy; Owers, Matt S.; Pimbblet, Kevin; Tinney, C. G.; Tothill, Nicholas F. H.; Watson, Fred (2017) - Journal article
    The Taipan galaxy survey (hereafter simply ‘Taipan’) is a multi-object spectroscopic survey starting in 2017 that will cover 2π steradians over the southern sky (δ ≲ 10°, |b| ≳ 10°), and obtain optical spectra for about ...
  • Tak the hand 

    Scott, David D. (St Mary's College, University of St Andrews, 2016-06-01) - Journal article
    In this paper David Scott discusses the theology and rites of ordination of the Scottish Reformed tradition and goes on to reflect on more specific aspects of ministry. His paper takes its title from his examination of the ...
  • 'Take me up on my proposal' : the 'Open Skies' initiative and Dwight D. Eisenhower's efforts to curb the military-industrial complex 

    Bury, Helen (University of St Andrews, 2011) - Thesis
    This dissertation examines president Eisenhower’s ‘Open Skies’ policy and its links with American defence strategy of the 1950s. Based principally on archival sources, especially the records of the Eisenhower Presidential ...
  • Taking a molecular motor for a spin : helicase mechanism studied by spin labelling and PELDOR 

    Constantinescu Aruxandei, Diana; Petrovic-Stojanovska, Biljana; Schiemann, Olav; Naismith, Jim; White, Malcolm F (2015-12-10) - Journal article
    The complex molecular motions central to the functions of helicases have long attracted attention. Protein crystallography has provided transformative insights into these dynamic conformational changes, however important ...
  • Taking an insect-inspired approach to avian navigation 

    Pritchard, David J.; Healy, Susan D. (2018-03) - Journal item
    Navigation is an essential skill for many animals, and understanding how animal use environmental information, particularly visual information, to navigate has a long history in both ethology and psychology. In birds, the ...
  • Taking Darwin seriously 

    Spurway, Neil (St Mary's College, University of St Andrews, 2016-06-01) - Journal article
    Professor Neil Spurway considers Darwin’s theoretical development of evolution by natural selection alongside the picture presented in the creation narratives in Genesis, before undertaking a survey of the reception of ...
  • Taking other people’s money : development and the political economy of Asian casinos 

    Vlcek, William (2015-07) - Journal article
    This article analyses Macau’s casinos as an example for accumulation by dispossession, in which they serve to transfer wealth from Mainland China to Macau and the casinos’ foreign investors. They also represent a model for ...
  • Taking the long view 

    Boyd, Ian Lamont (2016-12-20) - Journal item
  • Taking the Lord’s name in vain 

    Monteith, W. Graham (St Mary's College, University of St Andrews, 2013-12-01) - Journal article
    In his paper, Graham Monteith explores some of the social boundaries, or cultural limits, of language – an investigation, that is, of the liminal area of speech which issues from pain or anger, and is expressed in swearing ...
  • Taking the pulse of Mars via dating of a plume-fed volcano 

    Cohen, Benjamin E.; Mark, Darren F.; Cassata, William S.; Lee, Martin R.; Tomkinson, Tim; Smith, Caroline L. (2017-12) - Journal article
    Mars hosts the solar system's largest volcanoes. Although their size and impact crater density indicate continued activity over billions of years, their formation rates are poorly understood. Here we quantify the growth ...