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  • Attenuation of bunyavirus replication by modification of genomic untranslated regions 

    Mazel-Sanchez, Beryl (University of St Andrews, 2012-11-30) - Thesis
    Bunyamwera orthobunyavirus (BUNV) is the prototype for the family Bunyaviridae. BUNV has a tripartite RNA genome of negative polarity composed of the large(L),medium (M)and small(S)segments. Each segment contains an open ...
  • Attenuation of species abundance distributions by sampling 

    Shimadzu, Hideyasu; Darnell, Ross (2015-04-22) - Journal article
    Quantifying biodiversity aspects such as species presence/ absence, richness and abundance is an important challenge to answer scientific and resource management questions. In practice, biodiversity can only be assessed ...
  • Attitudes to religion and the communication of Christian truth 

    Gibson, Henry M. (University of St Andrews, 1990) - Thesis
    This study examines the formation and maintenance of young peoples’ attitude to Christianity and seeks to ascertain which are the salient factors, or group of factors, involved in such processes. It was stimulated by the ...
  • Attitudes towards condom use among young people 

    Kirby, Joanna Louise Michelle; van der Sluijs, Winfried; Currie, Candace (Child and Adolescent Health Research Unit (CAHRU), 2010-10) - Report
  • Attractors of directed graph IFSs that are not standard IFS attractors and their Hausdorff measure 

    Boore, Graeme; Falconer, Kenneth John (2013) - Journal article
    For directed graph iterated function systems (IFSs) defined on R, we prove that a class of 2-vertex directed graph IFSs have attractors that cannot be the attractors of standard (1-vertex directed graph) IFSs, with or ...
  • Audience manipulation? Subverting the fourth wall in Pina Bausch’s Kontakthof (1978) and Nelken (1982) 

    Weir, Lucy (The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, 2014-06-13) - Journal article
    Pina Bausch’s Tanztheater breaks everyday behaviour into its most elemental fragments, and fundamental aspects of stage etiquette are constantly challenged, not least the barrier between performer and spectator known as ...
  • Audience research and social media data : Opportunities and challenges 

    Procter, Rob; Voss, Alexander; Lvov, Ilia (2015-05) - Journal article
    The widespread adoption of social media platforms and other information and communication technology innovations not only pose new challenges for audience researchers but also provide exciting opportunities to re-invigorate ...
  • Auditory same/different concept learning and generalization in black-capped chickadees (Poecile atricapillus) 

    Hoeschele, Marisa; Cook, Robert; Guillette, Lauren; Hahn, Allison; Sturdy, Christopher (2012-10-15) - Journal article
    Abstract concept learning was thought to be uniquely human, but has since been observed in many other species. Discriminating same from different is one abstract relation that has been studied frequently. In the current ...
  • Audrey Kurth Cronin. How terrorism ends: understanding the decline and demise of terrorist campaigns. Princeton University Press: New Jersey, 2009 

    Graham, Cheryl M. (Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence, University of St Andrews, 2010-10-29) - Book review
    pp. 330. $29.95 ISBN: 978-1-4008-3114-2., Reviewed by Cheryl M. Graham,University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, UK
  • Augmented learning roads for internet routing 

    McCaffery, John Philip; Miller, Alan Henry David; Oliver, Iain Angus; Allison, Colin (IEEE, 2014-10) - Conference item
    As the Internet continues to establish itself as a utility, like power, transport or water, it becomes increasingly important to provide an engaging educational experience about its operation for students in related STEM ...
  • Augustine's use of medical imagery in his polemical theology 

    Beddoe, Paul Victor (University of St Andrews, 1998) - Thesis
    In his three major polemical campaigns, that is, against the Manichees, Donatists and Pelagians, Augustine used imagery derived from medicine and was, in tum influenced by the language he used. While much of the language ...
  • Austen's literary alembic : Sanditon, medicine, and the science of the novel 

    Tate, Gregory Paul (2016-04-01) - Journal article
    This essay examines the representation of science in Jane Austen’s unfinished novel Sanditon. It argues that this text, written in the months before Austen’s death in 1817, points to a development in her understanding of ...
  • Authority and discipline in Aberdeen, 1650-1700 

    DesBrisay, Gordon Russell (University of St Andrews, 1989) - Thesis
    This study is concerned with aspects of urban society in the Scottish city of Aberdeen in the second half of the seventeenth century. The principal aim is to examine the multi-faceted nature and workings of civic ...
  • Authors and characters in search of the truth : a comparative study of Pirandello's 'Right you are (if you think so!)' and Pinter's 'The collection' 

    Nardiello, Irene (University of St Andrews, 1996) - Thesis
    According to some distinguished scholars, Pinter’s ‘The Collection’ and Pirandello’s ‘Right You Are (If You Think So!)’ display some similarities in the themes treated, mainly regarding the topic of the unverifiability of ...
  • Automated chemical crystallography 

    Fuller, Amy; Scott-Hayward, Lindesay Alexandra Sarah; Li, Yang; Buehl, Michael; Slawin, Alexandra Martha Zoya; Woollins, J Derek (2010-04-28) - Journal article
    The first fully automated small-molecule robotic X-ray diffractometer is described. After demonstrating the utility of the instrument using multiple samples of ammonium bitartrate, we investigated the conformational chirality ...
  • Automated production of high rep rate foam targets 

    Hall, F.; Spindloe, C.; Haddock, D.; Tolley, M.; Nazarov, W. (2016-05-24) - Journal article
    Manufacturing low density targets in the numbers needed for high rep rate experiments is highly challenging. This report summarises advances from manual production to semiautomated and the improvements that follow both in ...
  • Automated static symmetry breaking in constraint satisfaction problems 

    Grayland, Andrews (University of St Andrews, 2011) - Thesis
    Variable symmetries in constraint satisfaction problems can be broken by adding lexicographic ordering constraints. Existing general methods of generating such sets of ordering constraints can produce a huge number of ...
  • Automatic alignment of hieroglyphs and transliteration 

    Nederhof, Mark Jan (Gorgias Press, 2009-02) - Book item
    Automatic alignment has important applications in philology, facilitating study of texts on the basis of electronic resources produced by different scholars. A simple technique is presented to realise such alignment for ...
  • Automatic creation of interlinear text for philological purposes 

    Nederhof, Mark Jan (2009) - Journal article
    Interlinear text presents a collection of interpretations of a manuscript. Whereas such a form is often compiled by a single author or a single team of scholars, we here consider automatic creation of interlinear text out ...
  • Automatic knowledge extraction from EHRs 

    Vasiljeva, Ieva; Arandelovic, Ognjen (2016-07-10) - Conference item
    Increasing efforts in the collection, standardization, and maintenance of large scale longitudinal elec- tronic health care records (EHRs) across the world provide a promising source of real world medical data with the ...