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  • "2A-like" signal sequences mediating translational recoding : a novel form of dual protein targeting 

    Roulston, Claire; Luke, Garry Alec; de Felipe, Pablo; Ruan, Lin; Cope, Jonathan; Nicholson, John; Sukhodub, Andriy; Tilsner, Jens; Ryan, Martin Denis (2016-08) - Journal article
    We report the initial characterisation of an N-terminal oligopeptide ‘2A-like’ sequence that is able to function both as a signal sequence and as a translational recoding element. Due to this translational recoding activity, ...
  • 2′-alkynylnucleotides : a sequence- and spin label-flexible strategy for EPR Spectroscopy in DNA 

    Haugland, Marius M.; El-Sagheer, Afaf H.; Porter, Rachel J.; Peña, Javier; Brown, Tom; Anderson, Edward A.; Lovett, Janet E. (2016-07-27) - Journal article
    Electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy is a powerful method to elucidate molecular structure through the measurement of distances between conformationally well-defined spin labels. Here we report a sequence-flexible ...
  • 350 years of scientific periodicals 

    Fyfe, Aileen; Moxham, Noah Joseph; McDougall-Waters, Julie (2015-09-20) - Journal item
  • 3D camouflage : exploiting photons to conceal form 

    Penacchio, Olivier; Lovell, Paul George; Cuthill, Innes; Ruxton, Graeme Douglas; Harris, Julie (2015-10) - Journal article
    Many animals have a gradation of body color, termed countershading, where the areas that are typically exposed to more light are darker. One hypothesis is that this patterning enhances visual camouflage by making the retinal ...
  • 3D MHD modeling of twisted coronal loops 

    Reale, F.; Orlando, S.; Guarrasi, M.; Mignone, A.; Peres, G.; Hood, A. W.; Priest, E. R. (2016-10-10) - Journal article
    We perform MHD modeling of a single bright coronal loop to include the interaction with a non-uniform magnetic field. The field is stressed by random footpoint rotation in the central region and its energy is dissipated ...
  • 3D Monte Carlo radiation transfer modelling of photodynamic therapy 

    Campbell, Catherine Louise; Christison, C.; Brown, C Tom A; Wood, Kenny; Valentine, Ronan Martin; Moseley, H. (SPIE, 2015-06) - Conference item
    The effects of ageing and skin type on Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) for different treatment methods have been theoretically investigated. A multilayered Monte Carlo Radiation Transfer model is presented where both daylight ...
  • 3D PiC code investigations of Auroral Kilometric Radiation mechanisms 

    Gillespie, K. M.; McConville, S. L.; Speirs, D. C.; Ronald, K.; Phelps, A. D. R.; Bingham, R.; Cross, A. W.; Robertson, C. W.; Whyte, C. G.; He, W.; Vorgul, I.; Cairns, R. A.; Kellett, B. J. (IOP Publishing Ltd., 2014) - Conference item
    Efficient (similar to 1%) electron cyclotron radio emissions are known to originate in the X mode from regions of locally depleted plasma in the Earths polar magnetosphere. These emissions are commonly referred to as the ...
  • 3D pic simulations of collisionless shocks at lunar magnetic anomalies and their role in forming lunar swirls 

    Bamford, R. A.; Alves, E. P.; Cruz, F.; Kellett, B. J.; Fonsesca, R. A.; Silva, L. O.; Trines, R. M. G. M.; Halekas, J. S.; Kamer, G.; Harnett, E.; Cairns, Robert Alan; Bingham, R. (2016-10-18) - Journal article
    Investigation of the lunar crustal magnetic anomalies offers a comprehensive long-term data set of observations of small-scale magnetic fields and their interaction with the solar wind. In this paper a review of the ...
  • 3D printing the pterygopalatine fossa : a negative space model of a complex structure 

    Bannon, Ross; Parihar, Shivani; Skarparis, Yiannis; Varsou, Ourania; Cezayirli, Enis (2018-02) - Journal article
    Purpose : The pterygopalatine fossa is one of the most complex anatomical regions to understand. It is poorly visualized in cadaveric dissection and most textbooks rely on schematic depictions. We describe our approach to ...
  • A 3D stereo camera system for precisely positioning animals in space and time 

    Macfarlane, Nicholas; Howland, Jonathan; Jensen, Frants; Tyack, Peter Lloyd (2015-04) - Journal article
    Here, we describe a portable stereo camera system that integrates a GPS receiver, an attitude sensor and 3D stereo photogrammetry to rapidly estimate the position of multiple animals in space and time. We demonstrate the ...
  • 3D whole-prominence fine structure modeling 

    Gunar, Stanislav; Mackay, Duncan Hendry (2015-04-20) - Journal article
    We present the first 3D whole-prominence fine structure model. The model combines a 3D magnetic field configuration of an entire prominence obtained from nonlinear force-free field simulations, with a detailed description ...
  • 3D whole-prominence fine structure modeling. II. Prominence evolution 

    Gunar, Stanislav; Mackay, Duncan Hendry (2015-10-20) - Journal article
    We use the new three-dimensional (3D) whole-prominence fine structure model to study the evolution of prominences and their fine structures in response to changes in the underlying photospheric magnetic flux distribution. ...
  • 3T MRI investigation of cardiac left ventricular structure and function in a UK population : he Tayside screening for the prevention of cardiac events (TASCFORCE) study 

    Gandy, Stephen J.; Lambert, Matthew; Belch, Jill; Cavin, Ian; Crowe, Elena; Littleford, Roberta; MacFarlane, Jennifer A; Matthew, Shona Z; Martin, Patricia; Nicholas, R. Stephen; Struthers, Allan; Sullivan, Frank; Waugh, Shelley A.; White, Richard D.; Weir-McCall, Jonathan R.; Houston, J. Graeme (2016-11) - Journal article
    Purpose : To scan a volunteer population using 3.0T magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). MRI of the left ventricular (LV) structure and function in healthy volunteers has been reported extensively at 1.5T. Materials and Methods ...
  • 4,5-dihydropyrazoles : novel chemistry and biological activity 

    Catti, Federica (University of St Andrews, 2007) - Thesis
  • 4273π : bioinformatics education on low cost ARM hardware 

    Barker, Daniel; Ferrier, David Ellard Keith; Holland, Peter W.H.; Mitchell, John B. O.; Plaisier, Heleen; Ritchie, Michael Gordon; Smart, Steven D. (2013-08-12) - Journal article
    Background: Teaching bioinformatics at universities is complicated by typical computer classroom settings. As well as running software locally and online, students should gain experience of systems administration. For a ...
  • 5-Amino-3-methyl-1,2,4-thiadiazole 

    Aitken, R. Alan; Slawin, Alexandra M. Z. (2018-01-21) - Journal article
    An improved procedure for isolation of 5-amino-3-methyl-1,2,4-thiadiazole in pure form on a multi-gram scale without chromatography is reported. Its 1H and 13C NMR and IR data are presented and previously published erroneous ...
  • 5-hydroxymethylcytosine marks promoters in colon that resist DNA hypermethylation in cancer 

    Uribe-Lewis, Santiago; Stark, Rory; Carroll, Thomas; Dunning, Mark J.; Bachman, Martin; Ito, Yoko; Stojic, Lovorka; Halim, Silvia; Vowler, Sarah L.; Lynch, Andy G.; Delatte, Benjamin; de Bony, Eric J.; Colin, Laurence; Defrance, Matthieu; Krueger, Felix; Silva, Ana Luisa; ten Hoopen, Rogier; Ibrahim, Ashraf E.K.; Fuks, François; Murrell, Adele (2015-04-01) - Journal article
    Background : The discovery of cytosine hydroxymethylation (5hmC) as a mechanism that potentially controls DNA methylation changes typical of neoplasia prompted us to investigate its behaviour in colon cancer. 5hmC is ...
  • 5-hydroxymethylcytosine profiling as an indicator of cellular state 

    Laird, Alexander; Thomson, John P.; Harrison, David J.; Meehan, Richard R. (2013-12) - Journal article
    DNA methylation is widely studied in the context of cancer. However, the rediscovery of 5-hydroxymethylation of DNA adds a new layer of complexity to understanding the epigenetic basis of development and disease, including ...
  • 50-Year Anniversary of Papers by Cormack, Jolly and Seber 

    Buckland, Stephen Terrence; Morgan, Byron J T (2016-05) - Journal item
  • (5RS)-5-(4-Methoxyphenyl)-2-(methylsulfanyl)benzo[g]pyrimido[4,5-b]quinoline-4,6,11(3H,5H,12H)-trione, with Z '=3, forms a three-dimensional hydrogen-bonded framework containing five types of hydrogen bond 

    Castillo, Yelder A.; Zapata, Luis F.; Trilleras, Jorge; Cobo, Justo; Glidewell, Christopher (2014-01) - Journal article
    The title compound, C23H17N3O4S, crystallizes with Z' = 3 in the space group P. Two of the three independent molecules are broadly similar in terms of both their molecular conformations and their participation in hydrogen ...