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  • Digestive enzyme activities in the guts of bonnethead sharks (Sphyrna tiburo) provide insight into their digestive strategy and evidence for microbial digestion in their hindguts 

    Jhaveri, P.; Papastamatiou, Y.P.; German, D.P. (2015-11) - Journal article
    Few investigations have studied digestive enzyme activities in the alimentary tracts of sharks to gain insight into how these organisms digest their meals. In this study, we examined the activity levels of proteases, ...
  • Digging into Data white paper : Trading Consequences 

    Klein, Ewan; Alex, Beatrice; Grover, Claire; Tobin, Richard; Coates, Colin; Clifford, Jim; Quigley, Aaron; Hinrichs, Uta; Reid, James; Osborne, Nicola; Fieldhouse, Ian (Trading Consequences Project, 2014-03) - Working or discussion paper
    Scholars interested in nineteenth century global economic history face a voluminous historical record. Conventional approaches to primary source research on the economic and environmental implications of globalised commodity ...
  • Digit frequencies and Bernoulli convolutions 

    Kempton, Thomas Michael William (2014-06-27) - Journal article
    It is well known that when β is a Pisot number, the corresponding Bernoulli convolution ν(β) has Hausdorff dimension less than 1, i.e. that there exists a set A(β) with (ν(β))(A(β))=1 and dim_H(A(β))<1. We show explicitly ...
  • A digital acoustic recording tag for measuring the response of wild marine mammals to sound 

    Johnson, Mark; Tyack, P L (2003-01) - Journal article
    Definitive studies on the response of marine mammals to anthropogenic sound are hampered by the short surface time and deep-diving lifestyle of many species. A novel archival tag, called the DTAG, has been developed to ...
  • Digital ethnography, resistance art and communication media in Iran 

    Khosronejad, Pedram (2013-06-26) - Journal item
    Iranian visual materials relating to the presidential election crisis have the potential to become the sites of analysis and debate for fields as diverse as history, visual history, memory and post-memory, or trauma studies. ...
  • Digital research repository and CRIS integration 

    Aucock, Janet (2009-11) - Conference paper
    A presentation on the integration of the St Andrews Digital Research Repository and the new St Andrews Research Information System. Given at the 2009 euroCRIS conference held in St Andrews, November 11-13, 2009
  • Digitally enhanced community rescue archaeology 

    Dawson, Tom; Oliver, Iain Angus; Miller, Alan Henry David; Vermehren, Anna; Kennedy, Sarah Elizabeth (IEEE, 2013-10) - Conference item
    Coastal erosion is causing the destruction of archaeological sites around the world. The problem is particularly grave in Scotland, where storms can cause many meters of land to be lost in a single event. Archaeological ...
  • Dilemmas of late formation : international system and state survival in the Middle East : case studies : Saudi Arabia and Iraq 

    Saouli, Adham (University of St Andrews, 2009-05-06) - Thesis
    This thesis is a theory-proposing and theory-testing study that examines the conditions of state survival in the Middle East. In contrast to the predominant Political Culture and Political Economy approaches, which focus ...
  • Dimension and measure for generic continuous images 

    Balka, Richard; Farkas, Abel; Fraser, Jonathan M.; Hyde, James T. (2013) - Journal article
    We consider the Banach space consisting of continuous functions from an arbitrary uncountable compact metric space, X, into R-n. The key question is 'what is the generic dimension of f(X)?' and we consider two different ...
  • Dimension and measure theory of self-similar structures with no separation condition 

    Farkas, Ábel (University of St Andrews, 2015-11-30) - Thesis
    We introduce methods to cope with self-similar sets when we do not assume any separation condition. For a self-similar set K ⊆ ℝᵈ we establish a similarity dimension-like formula for Hausdorff dimension regardless of any ...
  • Dimension conservation for self-similar sets and fractal percolation 

    Falconer, Kenneth John; Jin, Xiong (2015) - Journal article
    We introduce a technique that uses projection properties of fractal percolation to establish dimension conservation results for sections of deterministic self-similar sets. For example, let K be a self-similar subset of ...
  • Dimension theory and fractal constructions based on self-affine carpets 

    Fraser, Jonathan M. (University of St Andrews, 2013-11-29) - Thesis
    The aim of this thesis is to develop the dimension theory of self-affine carpets in several directions. Self-affine carpets are an important class of planar self-affine sets which have received a great deal of attention ...
  • Dimension theory of random self-similar and self-affine constructions 

    Troscheit, Sascha (University of St Andrews, 2017-06-23) - Thesis
    This thesis is structured as follows. Chapter 1 introduces fractal sets before recalling basic mathematical concepts from dynamical systems, measure theory, dimension theory and probability theory. In Chapter 2 we give ...
  • Dimer-dimer stacking interactions are important for nucleic acid binding by the archaeal chromatin protein Alba 

    Jelinska, Clare; Petrovic-Stojanovska, Biljana; Ingledew, W John; White, Malcolm F (2010-04-01) - Journal article
    Archaea use a variety of small basic proteins to package their DNA. One of the most widespread and highly conserved is the Alba (Sso10b) protein. Alba interacts with both DNA and RNA in vitro, and we show in the present ...
  • Diode-pumped femtosecond solid-state waveguide laser with a 4.9 GHz pulse repetition rate 

    Choudhary, A.; Lagatsky, Alexander Alexandrovich; Kannan, P.; Sibbett, Wilson; Brown, C Tom A; Shepherd, D. P. (2012-11-01) - Journal article
    We report on the first demonstration of a passively mode-locked, diode-pumped, monolithic Yb:glass channel waveguide laser that incorporates a semiconductor saturable absorber mirror. Stable and self-starting mode-locking ...
  • Diphosphane 2,2′-binaphtho[1,8-de][1,3,2]dithiaphosphinine and the easy formation of a stable phosphorus radical cation 

    Kirst, Christin; Bode, Bela Ernest; Cordes, David Bradford; Nejman, Phillip; Slawin, Alexandra Martha Zoya; Karaghiosoff, Konstantin; Woollins, J Derek (2016-04-21) - Journal article
    A convenient synthesis route to 2,2’-binaphtho[1,8-de][1,3,2]di-thiaphosphinine (3) was found. Its stable radical cation 3•+ was accessed easily through one-electron oxidation with NOBF4.
  • Diplomacy & deception : King James VI of Scotland's foreign relations with Europe (c.1584-1603) 

    Fry, Cynthia Ann (University of St Andrews, 2014-10-23) - Thesis
    This thesis is the first attempt to provide an assessment of Scottish-Jacobean foreign relations within a European context in the years before 1603. Moreover, it represents the only cohesive study of the events that formed ...
  • Dipole field driven morphology evolution in biomimetic vaterite 

    Greer, Heather Frances; Liu, Ming-Han; Mou, Chung-Yuan; Zhou, Wuzong (2016-03-07) - Journal article
    Morphology evolution is an important process in naturally occurring biominerals. To investigate the interaction between biomolecules and inorganic components in the construction of biominerals, biomimetic hexagonal prism ...
  • Dirac solitons in general relativity and conformal gravity 

    Dorkenoo Leggat, Alasdair (University of St Andrews, 2017-06-27) - Thesis
    Static, spherically-symmetric particle-like solutions to the coupled Einstein-Dirac and Einstein-Dirac-Maxwell equations have been studied by Finster, Smoller and Yau (FSY). In their work, FSY left the fermion mass as a ...
  • Dirac surface states and nature of superconductivity in noncentrosymmetric BiPd 

    Sun, Zhixiang; Enayat, Mostafa; Maldonado Cid, Ana Isabel; Lithgow, Calum; Yelland, Ed; Peets, Darren C.; Yaresko, Alexander; Schnyder, Andreas P.; Wahl, Peter (2015-03-30) - Journal article
    In non-magnetic bulk materials, inversion symmetry protects the spin degeneracy. If the bulk crystal structure lacks a center of inversion, however, spin-orbit interactions lift the spin-degeneracy, leading to a Rashba ...