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  • Early Paleozoic and Early Mesozoic intraplate tectonic and magmatic events in the Cathaysia Block, South China 

    Shu, L.; Wang, B.; Cawood, Peter Anthony; Santosh, M.; Xu, Z. (2015-08-08) - Journal article
    The geodynamic framework of the South China Craton in the Early Paleozoic and Early Mesozoic has been modeled as developing through either oceanic convergence or intracontinental settings. On the basis of an integrated ...
  • Early social environment influences the behaviour of a family-living lizard 

    Riley, Julia L.; Noble, Daniel W. A.; Byrne, Richard W.; Whiting, Martin J. (2017-05-03) - Journal article
    Early social environment can play a significant role in shaping behavioural development. For instance, in many social mammals and birds, isolation rearing results in individuals that are less exploratory, shyer, less social ...
  • Early Umayyad Syria : a study of its origins and early development 

    O'Sullivan, Shaun (University of St Andrews, 2003-02) - Thesis
    This is a study dealing with the origins and early development of Early Umayyad Syria to the early 660s, including a description of Syria at the end of the preceding period. Late Roman Syria's continuing material prosperity, ...
  • Early UV ingress in WASP-12b: measuring planetary magnetic fields 

    Vidotto, A. A.; Jardine, M.; Helling, Ch. (2010-10-20) - Journal article
    Recently, Fossati et al. observed that the UV transit of WASP-12b showed an early ingress compared with the optical transit. We suggest that the resulting early ingress is caused by a bow shock ahead of the planetary orbital ...
  • Early-life stress triggers juveniles to switch social learning strategies 

    Farine, Damien Roger; Spencer, Karen Anne; Boogert, Neeltje Janna (2015-08-17) - Journal article
    Stress during early life can cause disease and cognitive impairment in humans and non-humans alike [1]. However, stress and other environmental factors can also program developmental pathways [2, 3]. We investigate whether ...
  • Earth's middle age 

    Cawood, Peter Anthony; Hawkesworth, Chris (2014) - Journal article
    Earth's middle age, extending from 1.7 to 0.75 Ga, was characterized by environmental, evolutionary, and lithospheric stability that contrasts with the dramatic changes in preceding and succeeding eras. The period is marked ...
  • The east coast of Scotland bottlenose dolphin population : improving understanding of ecology outside the Moray Firth SAC 

    Quick, Nicola Jane; Arso Civil, Monica; Cheney, Barbara; Islas Villanueva, Valentina; Janik, Vincent; Thompson, Paul; Hammond, Philip Steven (Department of Energy and Climate Change, 2014-05-07) - Report
  • The East Sands, St Andrews : beach dynamics, harbour development and major shipwrecks 

    Blake-Johnston, Pauline (University of St Andrews, 2005) - Thesis
    The coastline is a dynamic and constantly changing environment with processes that continually work and modify the coastal margin. This research was initiated in an attempt to understand the changes along the coastline ...
  • East side story : historical pollution and persistent neighborhood sorting 

    Heblich, Stephan; Trew, Alex; Zylberberg, Yanos (University of St Andrews, 2016-11-01) - Working or discussion paper
    Why are the East sides of former industrial cities like London or New York poorer and more deprived? We argue that this observation is the most visible consequence of the historically unequal distribution of air pollutants ...
  • The EBLM project : II. A very hot, low-mass M dwarf in an eccentric and long-period, eclipsing binary system from the SuperWASP survey 

    Gómez Maqueo Chew, Y.; Morales, J.C.; Faedi, F.; García-Melendo, E.; Hebb, L.; Rodler, F.; Deshpande, R.; Mahadevan, S.; McCormac, J.; Barnes, R.; Triaud, A.H.M.J.; Lopez-Morales, M.; Skillen, I.; Collier Cameron, A.; Joner, M.D.; Laney, C.D.; Stephens, D.C.; Stassun, K.G.; Cargile, P.A.; Montañés-Rodríguez, P. (2014-12) - Journal article
    In this paper, we derive the fundamental properties of 1SWASPJ011351.29+314909.7 (J0113+31), a metal-poor (−0.40 ± 0.04 dex), eclipsing binary in an eccentric orbit (~0.3) with an orbital period of ~14.277 d. Eclipsing M ...
  • The EBLM project I. Physical and orbital parameters, including spin-orbit angles, of two low-mass eclipsing binaries on opposite sides of the brown dwarf limit 

    Triaud, A. H. M. J.; Hebb, L.; Anderson, D. R.; Cargile, P.; Collier Cameron, A.; Doyle, A. P.; Faedi, F.; Gillon, M.; Gomez Maqueo Chew, Y.; Hellier, C.; Jehin, E.; Maxted, P.; Naef, D.; Pepe, F.; Pollacco, D.; Queloz, D.; Ségransan, D.; Smalley, B.; Stassun, K.; Udry, S.; West, R. G. (2013-01) - Journal article
    This paper introduces a series of papers aiming to study the dozens of low-mass eclipsing binaries (EBLM), with F, G, K primaries, that have been discovered in the course of the WASP survey. Our objects are mostly single-line ...
  • The ecclesial polity of the English Calvinistic Baptists, 1640-1660 

    Birch, Ian J. (University of St Andrews, 2014-06-23) - Thesis
    The subject treated in this thesis is the doctrine of the church among the English Calvinistic Baptists in the period, circa 1640-1660. This timeframe covers the significant phase of early Calvinistic Baptist emergence in ...
  • Echolocation : clicking for supper 

    Tyack, Peter Lloyd (2015-04-29) - Journal article
    When close to prey, porpoises actively widen their sonar beam, which may make it harder for the prey to escape.
  • Echolocation detections and digital video surveys provide reliable estimates of the relative density of harbour porpoises 

    Williamson, Laura D.; Brookes, Kate L.; Scott, Beth E.; Graham, Isla M.; Bradbury, Gareth; Hammond, Philip S.; Thompson, Paul M. (2016-07-13) - Journal article
    1. Robust estimates of the density or abundance of cetaceans are required to support a wide range of ecological studies and inform management decisions. Considerable effort has been put into the development of line-transect ...
  • Eclectic and neo-national aspects of Romanian art and design, 1878-1930 

    Lowe, Shona (University of St Andrews, 2001) - Thesis
    According to the words chiselled into its foundation stone in 1875, Castle Peles, the summer residence of King Carol I, was intended to represent the 'cradle' of the newly arrived Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen dynasty in ...
  • Eclipsing Am binary systems in the SuperWASP survey 

    Smalley, B.; Southworth, J.; Pintado, O. I.; Gillon, M.; Holdsworth, D. L.; Anderson, D. R.; Barros, S. C. C.; Cameron, A. Collier; Delrez, L.; Faedi, E.; Haswell, C. A.; Hellier, C.; Horne, K.; Jehin, E.; Maxted, P. E. L.; Norton, A. J.; Pollacco, D.; Skillen, I.; Smith, A. M. S.; West, R. G.; Wheatley, P. J. (2014-04-08) - Journal article
    The results of a search for eclipsing Am star binaries using photometry from the SuperWASP survey are presented. The light curves of 1742 Am stars fainter than V = 8.0 were analysed for the presence of eclipses. A total ...
  • Ecological and acoustic investigations of jellyfish (Scyphozoa and Hydrozoa) 

    Lynam, Christopher Philip (University of St Andrews, 2006-04) - Thesis
    As the biomass of jellyfish (medusae of the Scyphozoa and Hydrozoa) has risen in numerous locations worldwide, awareness of their potential to exert a controlling influence on marine ecosystems and hinder the recruitment ...
  • Ecological causes of morphological evolution in the three-spined stickleback 

    Spence, Rowena Grace Alison; Wootton, R.J.; Barber, Iain; Przybylski, Mirosław; Smith, Carl (2013-06) - Journal article
    The central assumption of evolutionary theory is that natural selection drives the adaptation of populations to local environmental conditions, resulting in the evolution of adaptive phenotypes. The three-spined stickleback ...
  • Ecological footprinting : accounting for our environmental impact 

    Drager, Henning (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, 2010-08-01) - Report
    ACCA held another of its 'Friday Forums' on 2 July 2010 on ecological footprinting. The key points raised at the event are summarised in this paper.
  • Ecological investigations of euphausiids at high latitudes 

    Saunders, Ryan Alexander (University of St Andrews, 2007-06-22) - Thesis
    1. Euphausiids are an important component of high latitude pelagic ecosystems, but there is a paucity of information on their distribution, abundance and population processes on within-year time scales. This thesis encompasses ...