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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
1-Apr-2014Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA) : ugrizYJHK Sersic luminosity functions and the cosmic spectral energy distribution by Hubble typeKelvin, Lee S.; Driver, Simon P.; Robotham, Aaron S. G.; Graham, Alister W.; Phillipps, Steven; Agius, Nicola K.; Alpaslan, Mehmet; Baldry, Ivan; Bamford, Steven P.; Bland-Hawthorn, Joss; Brough, Sarah; Brown, Michael J. I.; Colless, Matthew; Conselice, Christopher J.; Hopkins, Andrew M.; Liske, Jochen; Loveday, Jon; Norberg, Peder; Pimbblet, Kevin A.; Popescu, Cristina C.; Prescott, Matthew; Taylor, Edward N.; Tuffs, Richard J.Journal article
1-Aug-2013Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA) : witnessing the assembly of the cluster ABELL 1882Owers, M. S.; Baldry, I. K.; Bauer, A. E.; Bland-Hawthorn, J.; Brown, M. J. I.; Cluver, M. E.; Colless, M.; Driver, S. P.; Edge, A. C.; Hopkins, A. M.; van Kampen, E.; Lara-Lopez, M. A.; Liske, J.; Loveday, J.; Pimbblet, K. A.; Ponman, T.; Robotham, A. S. G.Journal article
11-May-2014Galaxy and Mass Assembly : the evolution of bias in the radio source population to z ∼ 1.5Lindsay, S. N.; Jarvis, M. J.; Santos, M. G.; Brown, M. J. I.; Croom, S. M.; Driver, S. P.; Hopkins, A. M.; Liske, J.; Loveday, J.; Norberg, P.; Robotham, A. S. G.Journal article
11-Aug-2015Galaxy formation in the Planck cosmology - II. Star-formation histories and post-processing magnitude reconstructionShamshiri, Sorour; Thomas, Peter A.; Henriques, Bruno M.; Tojeiro, Rita; Lemson, Gerard; Oliver, Seb J.; Wilkins, StephenJournal article
11-May-2013GAMA/H-ATLAS : linking the properties of submm detected and undetected early-type galaxies - I. z <= 0.06 sampleAgius, N. K.; Sansom, A. E.; Popescu, C. C.; Andrae, E.; Baes, M.; Baldry, I.; Bourne, N.; Brough, S.; Clark, C. J. R.; Conselice, C.; Cooray, A.; Dariush, A.; De Zotti, G.; Driver, S. P.; Dunne, L.; Eales, S. A.; Foster, C.; Gomez, H. L.; Haeussler, B.; Hopkins, A. M.; Hopwood, R.; Ivison, R. J.; Kelvin, L. S.; Lara-Lopez, M. A.; Liske, J.; Lopez-Sanchez, A. R.; Loveday, J.; Maddox, S.; Madore, B.; Phillipps, S.; Robotham, A.; Rowlands, K.; Seibert, M.; Smith, M. W. L.; Temi, P.; Tuffs, R.; Valiante, E.Journal article
Feb-2015The games radicals play : special issue on free radicals and radical ionsWalton, J.C.; Williams, F.Journal item
Jun-2015Gammaherpesvirus infection modulates the temporal and spatial expression of SCGB1A1 (CCSP) and BPIFA1 (SPLUNC1) in the respiratory tractLeeming, Gail H; Kipar, Anja; Hughes, David J; Bingle, Lynne; Bennett, Elaine; Moyo, Nathifa A; Tripp, Ralph A; Bigley, Alison L; Bingle, Colin D; Sample, Jeffery T; Stewart, James PJournal article
26-Apr-2011Gangs and terrorist: dangerous classmates in Minnesota’s Somali communityBrown, ChristopherJournal item
16-May-2013Gapless Spin Liquid Ground State in the S=1/2 Vanadium Oxyfluoride Kagome Antiferromagnet [NH4 ]2[C7H14N][V7O6F18]Clark, L.; Orain, J. C.; Bert, F.; De Vries, M. A.; Himeur, Farida Himeur; Morris, Russell Edward; Lightfoot, Philip; Lord, J. S.; Telling, M. T. F.; Bonville, P.; Attfield, J. P.; Mendels, P.; Harrison, A.Journal article
Sep-2014Gaps in the housing safety netHouston, Donald Sinclair; Reuschke, Darja; Sabater, Albert; Maynard, Keith; Stewart, NormanReport
Jun-2013The GAPS programme with HARPS-N at TNG I. Observations of the Rossiter-McLaughlin effect and characterisation of the transiting system Qatar-1Covino, E.; Esposito, M.; Barbieri, M.; Mancini, L.; Nascimbeni, V.; Claudi, R.; Desidera, S.; Gratton, R.; Lanza, A. F.; Sozzetti, A.; Biazzo, K.; Affer, L.; Gandolfi, D.; Munari, U.; Pagano, I.; Bonomo, A. S.; Cameron, A. Collier; Hebrard, G.; Maggio, A.; Messina, S.; Micela, G.; Molinari, E.; Pepe, F.; Piotto, G.; Ribas, I.; Santos, N. C.; Southworth, J.; Shkolnik, E.; Triaud, A. H. M. J.; Bedin, L.; Benatti, S.; Boccato, C.; Bonavita, M.; Borsa, F.; Borsato, L.; Brown, D.; Carolo, E.; Ciceri, S.; Cosentino, R.; Damasso, M.; Faedi, F.; Martinez Fiorenzano, A. F.; Latham, D. W.; Lovis, C.; Mordasini, C.; Nikolov, N.; Poretti, E.; Rainer, M.; Rebolo Lopez, R.; Scandariato, G.; Silvotti, R.; Smareglia, R.; Alcala, J. M.; Cunial, A.; Di Fabrizio, L.; Di Mauro, M. P.; Giacobbe, P.; Granata, V.; Harutyunyan, A.; Knapic, C.; Lattanzi, M.; Leto, G.; Lodato, G.; Malavolta, L.; Marzari, F.; Molinaro, M.; Nardiello, D.; Pedani, M.; Prisinzano, L.; Turrini, D.Journal article
24-Jun-2015Garden life : the influence of garden age and area on the biodiversity of ground active arthropodsBrown, Grant R.Thesis
24-Jun-2015Gas flow and star formation in the centre of the Milky Way : investigations with smoothed particle hydrodynamicsLucas, WilliamThesis
Jan-2014Gas lines from the 5-Myr old optically thin disk around HD 141569A Herschel observations and modelingThi, W.-F.; Pinte, C.; Pantin, E.; Augereau, J.C.; Meeus, G.; Ménard, F.; Martin-Zaïdi, C.; Woitke, P.; Riviere-Marichalar, P.; Kamp, I.; Carmona, A.; Sandell, G.; Eiroa, C.; Dent, W.; Montesinos, B.; Aresu, G.; Meijerink, R.; Spaans, M.; White, G.; Ardila, D.; Lebreton, J.; Mendigutía, I.; Brittain, S.Journal article
2001The gaseous messenger molecule, nitric oxide : a modulator of locomotor movements during early amphibian developmentMcLean, David L.Thesis
1989Gateside Mills : the Scottish bobbin and shuttle trade in its British and international setting, 1860-1960Highland, A. G.Thesis
2010The gateway to a social analysis : diplomatic crises in post-Cold war Sino-US relationsShepperd, Taryn DaniellaThesis
24-Jun-2015Gaussian non-classical correlations in bipartite dissipative continuous variable quantum systemsQuinn, NiallThesis
26-Jun-2013Geminally bis(supermesityl) substituted phosphorus compounds and a study of 5,6-substituted-acenaphthenesFleming, Conor Gareth EdwardThesis
Nov-2007Gender and public image in imperial RomeMcCullough, AnnaThesis
Showing results 2257 to 2276 of 6295
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