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  • Direct evidence that density-dependent regulation underpins the temporal stability of abundant species in a diverse animal community 

    Henderson, P.A.; Magurran, A.E. (2014-09-22) - Journal article
    To understand how ecosystems are structured and stabilized, and to identify when communities are at risk of damage or collapse, we need to know how the abundances of the taxa in the entire assemblage vary over ecologically ...
  • Direct fiber-coupled single photon source based on a photonic crystal waveguide 

    Ahn, B.-H.; Lee, C.-M.; Lim, H.-J.; Schlereth, T.W.; Kamp, M.; Höfling, Sven; Lee, Y.-H. (2015-08-24) - Journal article
    A single photon source plays a key role in quantum applications such as quantum computers and quantum communications. Epitaxially grown quantum dots are one of the promising platforms to implement a good single photon ...
  • Direct Imaging discovery of a second planet candidate around the possibly transiting planet host CVSO 30 

    Schmidt, T. O. B.; Neuhäuser, R.; Briceño, C.; Vogt, N.; Raetz, St; Seifahrt, A.; Ginski, C.; Mugrauer, M.; Buder, S.; Adam, C.; Hauschildt, P. H.; Witte, S.; Helling, Christiane; Schmitt, J. H. M. M. (2016-09) - Journal article
    We surveyed the 25 Ori association for direct-imaging companions. This association has an age of only few million years. Among other targets, we observed CVSO 30, which has recently been identified as the first T Tauri ...
  • A direct interaction between mitochondrial proteins and amyloid-β peptide and its significance for the development and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease 

    Benek, Ondrej; Aitken, Laura; Hroch, Lukas; Kuca, Kamil; Gunn-Moore, Frank J; Musilek, Kamil (2015) - Journal article
    The amyloid-β peptide (Aβ) has been associated with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) for decades. The original amyloid cascade hypothesis declared that the insoluble extracellular plaques were responsible for Aβ toxicity. Later, ...
  • Direct moral grounding and the legal model of moral normativity 

    Sachs, Benjamin Alan (2015-04) - Journal article
    Whereas most moral philosophers believe that the facts as to what we’re morally required to do are grounded by the facts about our moral reasons, which in turn are grounded by non-normative facts, I propose that moral ...
  • Direct observation of intersystem crossing in a thermally activated delayed fluorescence copper complex in the solid state 

    Bergmann, Larissa; Hedley, Gordon James; Baumann, Thomas; Braese, Stefan; Samuel, Ifor David William (2016-01-01) - Journal article
    Intersystem crossing in thermally activated delayed fluorescent (TADF) materials is an important process that controls the rate at which singlet states convert to triplets, measuring this directly in TADF materials is ...
  • Direct observation of spin-polarized bulk bands in an inversion-symmetric semiconductor 

    Riley, Jonathon Mark; Mazzola, F.; Dendzik, M.; Michiardi, M.; Takayama, T.; Bawden, Lewis; Granerød, C.; Leandersson, M.; Balasubramanian, T.; Hoesch, M.; Kim, T. K.; Takagi, H.; Meevasana, W.; Hofmann, Ph.; Bahramy, M. S.; Wells, J. W.; King, Phil (2014-11) - Journal article
    Methods to generate spin-polarized electronic states in non-magnetic solids are strongly desired to enable all-electrical manipulation of electron spins for new quantum devices1. This is generally accepted to require ...
  • Direct observation of weight-related communication in primary care : a systematic review 

    McHale, Calum Thomas; Laidlaw, Anita Helen; Cecil, Joanne Elizabeth (2016-08) - Journal item
    Background. Primary care is ideally placed to play an effective role in patient weight management however patient weight is seldom discussed in this context. A synthesis of studies that directly observe weight discussion ...
  • Direct synthesis of fused 1,2,5-selenadiazoles from 1,2,5-thiadiazoles 

    Konstantinova, Lidia S.; Knyazeva, Ekaterina A.; Nefyodov, Andrey A.; Sanz Camacho, Paula; Ashbrook, Sharon Elizabeth Marie; Woollins, J Derek; Zibarev, Andrey V.; Rakitin, Oleg A. (2015-02) - Journal article
    A short and convenient synthesis of fused 1,2,5-selenadiazoles from corresponding 1,2,5-thiadiazoles and selenium dioxide has been developed.
  • Directed graph iterated function systems 

    Boore, Graeme C. (University of St Andrews, 2011-11-30) - Thesis
    This thesis concerns an active research area within fractal geometry. In the first part, in Chapters 2 and 3, for directed graph iterated function systems (IFSs) defined on ℝ, we prove that a class of 2-vertex directed ...
  • Directional organic light-emitting diodes using photonic microstructure 

    Zhang, Shuyu (University of St Andrews, 2014-05-19) - Thesis
    This thesis describes investigations into the optical and device design of organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) with the aim of exploring the factors controlling the spatial emission pattern of OLEDs and developing novel ...
  • Directly observing continuum emission from self-gravitating spiral waves 

    Hall, Cassandra; Forgan, Duncan; Rice, Ken; Harries, Tim J.; Klaassen, Pamela D.; Biller, Beth (2016-05-01) - Journal article
    We use a simple, self-consistent, self-gravitating semi-analytic disc model to conduct an examination of the parameter space in which self-gravitating discs may exist. We then use Monte Carlo radiative transfer to generate ...
  • Dirty little secrets : inferring fossil-fuel subsidies from patterns in emission intensities 

    Stefanski, Radoslaw (University of St Andrews, 2017-03-06) - Working or discussion paper
    I develop a unique database of international fossil-fuel subsidies by examining country specific patterns in carbon emission-to-GDP ratios, known as emission-intensities. For most - but not all - countries, intensities ...
  • Disagreement and philosophical method 

    Cook, James (University of St Andrews, 2015) - Thesis
    This dissertation is primarily concerned with the subjects of disagreement, argument, and the methodology of philosophy. The first chapter sets out and attempts to answer the question of what the connection between ...
  • Disagreements, philosophical and otherwise 

    Weatherson, Brian James (Oxford University Press, 2013-06-10) - Book item
  • Disambiguating past events: accurate source memory for time and context depends on different retrieval processes 

    Persson, Bjorn Martin; Ainge, James Alexander; O'Connor, Akira Robert (2016-07) - Journal article
    Current animal models of episodic memory are usually based on demonstrating integrated memory for what happened, where it happened, and when an event took place. These models aim to capture the testable features of the ...
  • The disappearing act: a dusty wind eclipsing RW Aur 

    Bozhinova, I.; Scholz, A.; Costigan, G.; Lux, O.; Davis, C. J.; Ray, T.; Boardman, N. F.; Hay, K. L.; Hewlett, T.; Hodosán, G.; Morton, B. (2016-12-21) - Journal article
    RW Aur is a young binary star that experienced a deep dimming in 2010-11in component A and a second even deeper dimming from summer 2014 to summer 2016. We present new unresolved multi-band photometry during the 2014-16 ...
  • Disassortative mating prevails in style-dimorphic Narcissus papyraceus despite low reciprocity and compatibility of morphs 

    Simón-Porcar, Violeta I.; Meagher, Thomas Robert; Arroyo, Juan (2015) - Journal article
    Evolution to reduce inbreeding can favor disassortative (inter-morph) over assortative (intramorph) mating in hermaphroditic sexually polymorphic plant species. Heterostyly enhances disassortative pollination through ...
  • Disclosure practices and policies of UK charities 

    Jetty, Juliana; Beattie, Vivien (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, 2009) - Report
    This study examined the narrative disclosure practices and policies of a sample of large fund-raising and grant-making charities within the UK. Through a combination of holistic content analysis of the form and content of ...
  • Disclosures on climate change 

    ACCA Australia and New Zealand; Net Balance Foundation (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, 2007-05-04) - Report
    Part of a series of research projects which analyses disclosures on areas of non-financial performance by Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) companies.