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  • Correlation of dielectric, electrical and magnetic properties near the magnetic phase transition temperature of cobalt zinc ferrite 

    Pradhan, Dhiren K.; Kumari, Shalini; Puli, Venkata S.; Das, Proloy T.; Pradhan, Dillip K.; Kumar, Ashok; Scott, James Floyd; Katiyar, Ram S. (2017-01-07) - Journal article
    Multiferroic composite structures, i.e., composites of magnetostrictive and piezoelectric materials can be envisioned towards the goal of achieving strong room-temperature ME coupling for real practical device applications. ...
  • Correlations and linkages in credit risk : an investigation of the credit default swap market during the turmoil 

    Wu, Weiou (University of St Andrews, 2013-11-29) - Thesis
    This thesis investigates correlations and linkages in credit risk that widely exist in all sectors of the financial markets. The main body of this thesis is constructed around four empirical chapters. I started with ...
  • Correlations between axial and lateral emission of coupled quantum dot-micropillar cavities 

    Musiał, A.; Hopfmann, C.; Heindel, T.; Gies, C.; Florian, M.; Leymann, H. A. M.; Foerster, A.; Schneider, C.; Jahnke, F.; Höfling, S.; Kamp, M.; Reitzenstein, S. (2015-05-19) - Journal article
    We report on optical studies of coupled quantum dot–micropillar cavities using a 90∘ excitation-and-detection scheme. This specific configuration allows us to excite the micropillar structures either in the axial direction ...
  • Correlations between the stellar, planetary, and debris components of exoplanet systems observed by Herschel 

    Marshall, J.P.; Moro-Martín, A.; Eiroa, C.; Kennedy, G.; Mora, A.; Sibthorpe, B.; Lestrade, J.-F.; Maldonado, J.; Sanz-Forcada, J.; Wyatt, M.C.; Matthews, B.; Horner, J.; Montesinos, B.; Bryden, G.; Del Burgo, C.; Greaves, J.S.; Ivison, R.J.; Meeus, G.; Olofsson, G.; Pilbratt, G.L.; White, G.J. (2014-05-01) - Journal article
    Context. Stars form surrounded by gas-and dust-rich protoplanetary discs. Generally, these discs dissipate over a few (3-10) Myr, leaving a faint tenuous debris disc composed of second-generation dust produced by the ...
  • Corrigendum : Competition between hydrogen and halogen bonding in halogenated 1-methyluracil:water systems 

    Hogan, Simon W. L.; van Mourik, Tanja (2017-05-05) - Journal article
    This article corrects: Competition between hydrogen and halogen bonding in halogenated 1-methyluracil:water systems, Volume 37, Issue 8, 763-770. Article first published online: 15 January 2016.
  • The corrosion behavior of a sputtered micrograin film on Fe-5Cr-5Si alloy in H2-CO2-H2S mixture at 700 °C 

    Liu, L. L.; Li, W. B.; Guo, Q. Q.; Ni, C. S.; Niu, Y. (2017-10) - Journal article
    The corrosion behaviors of as-cast Fe-5Cr-5Si alloy with and without sputtered Fe-5Cr-5Si film in H2-CO2-H2S mixture at 700 °C are studied. The corrosion scale forming on the as-cast alloy is non-protective and mainly ...
  • Corticosteroids for Bell's palsy (idiopathic facial paralysis) 

    Madhok, Vishnu B.; Gagyor, Ildiko; Daly, Fergus; Somasundara, Dhruvashree; Sullivan, Michael; Gammie, Fiona; Sullivan, Frank (2016-07-18) - Journal item
    Background : Inflammation and oedema of the facial nerve are implicated in causing Bell's palsy. Corticosteroids have a potent anti-inflammatory action that should minimise nerve damage. This is an update of a review first ...
  • COS-Burst : observations of the impact of starburst-driven winds on the properties of the circum-galactic medium 

    Heckman, Timothy; Borthakur, Sanchayeeta; Wild, Vivienne; Schiminovich, David; Bordoloi, Rongmon (2017-09-12) - Journal article
    We report on observations made with the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph (COS) on the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) using background QSOs to probe the circum-galactic medium (CGM) around 17 low-redshift galaxies thatare undergoing ...
  • Cosmetic Japaneseness : cultural erasure and cultural performance in japanese film exports (2000-2010) 

    Dorman, Andrew (University of St Andrews, 2014-06-26) - Thesis
    Since the introduction of film to Japan in the 1890s, Japanese cinema has been continually influenced by transnational processes of film production, distribution, promotion, and reception. This has led inevitably to questions ...
  • Cosmic downsizing of powerful radio galaxies to low radio luminosities 

    Rigby, E.E.; Argyle, Joshua; Best, P.N.; Rosario, D.; Röttgering, H.J.A. (2015-09) - Journal article
    Aims. At bright radio powers (P1.4 GHz > 1025 W/Hz) the space density of the most powerful sources peaks at higher redshift than that of their weaker counterparts. This paper establishes whether this luminosity-dependent ...
  • The cosmic web unravelled : a study of filamentary structure in the Galaxy and Mass Assembly survey 

    Alpaslan, Mehmet (University of St Andrews, 2014-06-25) - Thesis
    I have investigated the properties of the large scale structure of the nearby Universe using data from the Galaxy and Mass Assembly survey (GAMA). I generated complementary halo mass estimates for all groups in the GAMA ...
  • Cosmogenic exposure age constraints on deglaciation and flow behaviour of a marine-based ice stream in western Scotland, 21–16 ka 

    Small, David; Benetti, Sara; Dove, Dayton; Ballantyne, Colin K.; Fabel, Derek; Clark, Chris D.; Gheorghiu, Delia M.; Newall, Jennifer; Xu, Sheng (2017-07-01) - Journal article
    Understanding how marine-based ice streams operated during episodes of deglaciation requires geochronological data that constrain both timing of deglaciation and changes in their flow behaviour, such as that from unconstrained ...
  • The 'Cosmographia' of Sebastian Münster 

    McLean, Matthew (University of St Andrews, 2005) - Thesis
    The sixteenth century was a time in which knowledge about the world grew exponentially in both its material content and the enthusiasm with which works treating of it were received. One of the most popular, long-lived and ...
  • Cosmological implications of baryon acoustic oscillation measurements 

    Aubourg, Éric; Bailey, Stephen; Bautista, Julian E.; Beutler, Florian; Bhardwaj, Vaishali; Bizyaev, Dmitry; Blanton, Michael; Blomqvist, Michael; Bolton, Adam S.; Bovy, Jo; Brewington, Howard; Brinkmann, J.; Brownstein, Joel R.; Burden, Angela; Busca, Nicolás G.; Carithers, William; Chuang, Chia-Hsun; Comparat, Johan; Croft, Rupert A. C.; Cuesta, Antonio J.; Dawson, Kyle S.; Delubac, Timothée; Eisenstein, Daniel J.; Font-Ribera, Andreu; Ge, Jian; Le Goff, J.-M.; Gontcho, Satya Gontcho A.; Gott, J. Richard; Gunn, James E.; Guo, Hong; Guy, Julien; Hamilton, Jean-Christophe; Ho, Shirley; Honscheid, Klaus; Howlett, Cullan; Kirkby, David; Kitaura, Francisco S.; Kneib, Jean-Paul; Lee, Khee-Gan; Long, Dan; Lupton, Robert H.; Magaña, Mariana Vargas; Malanushenko, Viktor; Malanushenko, Elena; Manera, Marc; Maraston, Claudia; Margala, Daniel; McBride, Cameron K.; Miralda-Escudé, Jordi; Myers, Adam D.; Nichol, Robert C.; Noterdaeme, Pasquier; Nuza, Sebastián E.; Olmstead, Matthew D.; Oravetz, Daniel; Pâris, Isabelle; Padmanabhan, Nikhil; Palanque-Delabrouille, Nathalie; Pan, Kaike; Pellejero-Ibanez, Marcos; Percival, Will J.; Petitjean, Patrick; Pieri, Matthew M.; Prada, Francisco; Reid, Beth; Rich, James; Roe, Natalie A.; Ross, Ashley J.; Ross, Nicholas P.; Rossi, Graziano; Rubiño-Martín, Jose Alberto; Sánchez, Ariel G.; Samushia, Lado; Santos, Ricardo Tanausú Génova; Scóccola, Claudia G.; Schlegel, David J.; Schneider, Donald P.; Seo, Hee-Jong; Sheldon, Erin; Simmons, Audrey; Skibba, Ramin A.; Slosar, Anže; Strauss, Michael A.; Thomas, Daniel; Tinker, Jeremy L.; Tojeiro, Rita; Vazquez, Jose Alberto; Viel, Matteo; Wake, David A.; Weaver, Benjamin A.; Weinberg, David H.; Wood-Vasey, W. M.; Yèche, Christophe; Zehavi, Idit; Zhao, Gong-Bo; BOSS Collaboration, [Unknown] (2015-12-14) - Journal article
    We derive constraints on cosmological parameters and tests of dark energy models from the combination of baryon acoustic oscillation (BAO) measurements with cosmic microwave background (CMB) data and a recent reanalysis ...
  • Cosmology with AGN dust time lags -- Simulating the new VEILS survey 

    Hönig, S. F.; Watson, D.; Kishimoto, M.; Gandhi, P.; Goad, M.; Horne, K.; Shankar, F.; Banerji, M.; Boulderstone, B.; Jarvis, M.; Smith, M.; Sullivan, M. (2017-01-11) - Journal article
    The time lag between optical and near-infrared continuum emission in active galactic nuclei (AGN) shows a tight correlation with luminosity and has been proposed as a standardizable candle for cosmology. In this paper, we ...
  • Cosmopolitanism in Europe-in-crisis : the cases of the EU, Greece and Turkey 

    Angelopoulou, Maria (University of St Andrews, 2014) - Thesis
    Adopting a critical cosmopolitan outlook the thesis identifies a constructive engagement with the European project at a time when the crisis of the Euro-zone is still threatening the very existence of the European Union. ...
  • Cosmopolitics : the collected papers of the Open Anthropology Cooperative, volume I 

    Shaffner, Justin; Wardle, Huon; University of St Andrews. Social Anthropology (Open Anthropology Cooperative Press, 2017-01-07) - Book
    Edited papers of the Open Anthropology Cooperative, an open-access, non-copyright, open-membership forum for anthropological discussion.
  • Cost and policy implications of agricultural pollution, with special reference to pesticides 

    Wilson, Clevo (University of St Andrews, 1999) - Thesis
    Modem commercial agricultural practices involving chemical inputs such as fertilisers and pesticides have been associated with huge increases in food production never witnessed before, and in the case of cereal production ...
  • Cost of borrowing shocks and fiscal adjustment 

    de Groot, Oliver; Holm-Hadulla, F.; Leiner-Killinger, N. (2015-12) - Journal article
    Do capital markets impose fiscal discipline? To answer this question, we estimate the fiscal response to a change in the interest rate paid by 14 European governments over four decades in a panel VAR, using sign restrictions ...
  • The cost of display switching : a comparison of mobile, large display and hybrid UI configurations 

    Rashid, Umar; Nacenta, Miguel A.; Quigley, Aaron (ACM, 2012-05-21) - Conference item
    Attaching a large external display can help a mobile device user view more content at once. This paper reports on a study investigating how different configurations of input and output across displays affect performance, ...