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  • Enduring voice recognition in bonobos 

    Keenan, Sumir; Mathevon, Nicolas; Stevens, Jeroen M. G.; Guéry, Jean Pascal; Zuberbühler, Klaus; Levréro, Florence (2016-02-25) - Journal article
    Long-term social recognition is vital for species with complex social networks, where familiar individuals can encounter one another after long periods of separation. For non-human primates who live in dense forest ...
  • Enemy within the gates : reasons for the invasive success of a guppy population (Poecilia reticulata) in Trinidad 

    Sievers, Caya (University of St Andrews, 2010) - Thesis
    The invasion of individuals into new habitats can pose a major threat to native species and to biodiversity itself. However, the consequences of invasions for native populations that are not fully reproductively isolated ...
  • An energy aware protocol for cyclic monitoring wireless sensor networks 

    Khemapech, Ittipong; Miller, Alan Henry David; Duncan, Ishbel Mary Macdonald (IEEE, 2013) - Conference item
    The Power & Reliability Aware Protocol (PoRAP) has been developed to provide efficient communication by means of energy conservation without sacrificing reliability. This has been achieved using direct communication, ...
  • Energy band diagram of device-grade silicon nanocrystals 

    Macias-Montero, M; Askari, S; Mitra, S; Rocks, C; Ni, Chengsheng; Svrcek, V; Connor, Paul Alexander; Maguire, P; Irvine, John Thomas Sirr; Mariotti, D (2016-03-17) - Journal article
    Device grade silicon nanocrystals (NCs) are synthesized using an atmospheric-pressure plasma technique. The Si NCs have a small and well defined size of about 2.3 nm. The synthesis system allows for the direct creation of ...
  • The energy budget of stellar magnetic fields 

    See, Wyke Chun Victor; Jardine, Moira Mary; Vidotto, Aline; Donati, J.-F.; Folsom, C. P.; Boro Saikia, S.; Bouvier, J.; Fares, Rim; Gregory, Scott; Hussain, Gaitee Ara Jaffer; Jeffers, Sandra Victoria; Marsden, S. C.; Morin, J.; Moutou, C.; do Nascimento, J. D.; Petit, P.; Rosén, L.; Waite, I. A. (2015-11-11) - Journal article
    Spectropolarimetric observations have been used to map stellar magnetic fields, many of which display strong bands of azimuthal fields that are toroidal. A number of explanations have been proposed to explain how such ...
  • Energy dependence of radioluminescence spectra from strontium titanate 

    Wang, Y.; Zhao, Y.; Zhang, Z.; Zhao, C.; Wu, X.; Finch, A.A.; Townsend, P.D. (2015-10) - Journal article
    Abstract X-ray excited luminescence spectra of strontium titanate are reported over the temperature range from 20-300 K. The range includes several crystalline phases, each with different emission spectra. The signals are ...
  • Energy dissipation and resolution of steep gradients in one-dimensional Burgers flows 

    Tran, Chuong Van; Dritschel, David Gerard (2010-03) - Journal article
    Traveling-wave solutions of the inviscid Burgers equation having smooth initial wave profiles of suitable shapes are known to develop shocks (infinite gradients) in finite times. Such singular solutions are characterized ...
  • Energy from waste potential in Scotland : quantifying the contribution energy from waste could make to Scotland’s energy needs 

    Sustainable Development Commission Scotland (Sustainable Development Commission, 2010-04) - Report
    Report to the Scottish Government quantifying the contribution energy from waste could make to Scotland’s energy needs.
  • Energy politics in the Arctic : Resources, climate change and shipping 

    McCauley, Darren; Rehner, Robert Wilhelm Michael; Ryabova, Maria (Arctic Research Centre, 2015-01-05) - Report
  • Energy security, equality and justice 

    Jenkins, Kirsten Elizabeth Harrison; McCauley, Darren (2015-04-01) - Journal item
  • Energy usage of UDP and DCCP over 802.11n 

    Abu-Tair, M.; Bhatti, S. N. (IEEE, 2014-05-13) - Conference item
    We show that the Datagram Congestion Control Protocol (DCCP) provides ~10% - ~40% greater energy efficiency than the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) in a wireless LAN (WLAN) client. Our empirical evaluation uses a testbed ...
  • Energy-efficient sensing in wireless sensor networks using compressed sensing 

    Razzaque, Mohammad Abdur; Dobson, Simon Andrew (2014-02-12) - Journal article
    Sensing of the application environment is the main purpose of a wireless sensor network. Most existing energy management strategies and compression techniques assume that the sensing operation consumes significantly less ...
  • Engage for change : the role of public engagement in climate change policy 

    Creasy, Stella; Gavelin, Karin; Fisher, Helen; Holmes, Lucy; Desai, Maya (Sustainable Development Commission, 2007-09) - Report
    In recent years the British Government has stated explicitly its determination that citizens should contribute to the policy making process within all levels of government. The Sustainable Development Commission invited ...
  • Engagement definitions 

    Sustainable Development Commission (Sustainable Development Commission, 2007-12-19) - Report
    Definitions of engagement terms and methods.
  • Engaging multimedia leisure for people with dementia 

    Alm, Norman; Astell, Arlene Jean; Gowans, Gary; Dye, Richard; Ellis, Maggie P; Vaughan, Philip; Riley, Philipa (2009) - Journal article
    Dementia is the loss of cognitive abilities, particularly the use of working (short-term) memory, usually as a result of Alzheimer’s disease or stroke. Dementia occurs primarily in older people, and while it does not affect ...
  • Engineering blue fluorescent bulk emitters for OLEDs : triplet harvesting by green phosphors 

    Hofmann, Simone; Hummert, Markus; Scholz, Reinhard; Luschtinetz, Regina; Murawski, Caroline; Will, Paul Anton; Hintschich, Susanne; Alex, Jörg; Jankus, Vygintas; Monkman, Andrew P; Lüssem, Björn; Leo, Karl; Gather, Malte Christian (2014-04-08) - Journal article
    Triplet harvesting in organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) from a blue fluorescent to a green phosphorescent emitter is important for the development of highly efficient white OLEDs for lighting applications. Here, we ...
  • England, the English and the Thirty Years' War (1618-1648) 

    Marks, Adam (University of St Andrews, 2012) - Thesis
    This thesis explores the role of England and the English during the Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648), and provides the first major study of the between 50,000 and 60,000 Englishmen who fought for the ‘Protestant cause’ ...
  • English impressions of Venice up to the early seventeenth century: a documentary study 

    Hammerton, Rachel Joan (University of St Andrews, 1987) - Thesis
    The first Englishmen to write about the city-state of Venice were the pilgrims passing through on their way to the Holy Land. Their impressions are recorded in the travel diaries and collections of advice for prospective ...
  • An English lecturer, a palliative care practitioner, and an absent poet have a confabulation 

    Jones, Chris; Macpherson, Catriona (2014-07-09) - Journal article
    The possibilities for developing the poet Douglas Dunn’s archive (which includes the drafts and manuscripts for his collection Elegies, dealing with the terminal illness and death of the poet’s wife from cancer) for ...
  • The English provincial book trade : bookseller stock-lists, c.1520-1640 

    Winters, Jennifer (University of St Andrews, 2012-11-30) - Thesis
    The book world of sixteenth-century England was heavily focused on London. London’s publishers wholly dominated the production of books, and with Oxford and Cambridge the booksellers of the capital also played the largest ...