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  • Continuum reverberation mapping of the accretion disks in two Seyfert 1 galaxies 

    Fausnaugh, M. M.; Starkey, D. A.; Horne, Keith; Kochanek, C. S.; Peterson, B. M.; Bentz, M. C.; Denney, K. D.; Grier, C. J.; Grupe, D.; Pogge, R. W.; De Rosa, G.; Adams, S. M.; Barth, A. J.; Beatty, Thomas G.; Bhattacharjee, A.; Borman, G. A.; Boroson, T. A.; Bottorff, M. C.; Brown, Jacob E.; Brown, Jonathan S.; Brotherton, M. S.; Coker, C. T.; Crawford, S. M.; Croxall, K. V.; Eftekharzadeh, Sarah; Eracleous, Michael; Joner, M. D.; Henderson, C. B.; Holoien, T. W. -S.; Hutchison, T.; Kaspi, Shai; Kim, S.; King, Anthea L.; Li, Miao; Lochhaas, Cassandra; Ma, Zhiyuan; MacInnis, F.; Manne-Nicholas, E. R.; Mason, M.; Montuori, Carmen; Mosquera, Ana; Mudd, Dale; Musso, R.; Nazarov, S. V.; Nguyen, M. L.; Okhmat, D. N.; Onken, ChristopherA; Ou-Yang, B.; Pancoast, A.; Pei, L.; Penny, Matthew T.; Poleski, Radosław; Rafter, Stephen; Romero-Colmenero, E.; Runnoe, Jessie; Sand, David J.; Schimoia, Jaderson S.; Sergeev, S. G.; Shappee, B. J.; Simonian, Gregory V.; Somers, Garrett; Spencer, M.; Stevens, Daniel J.; Tayar, Jamie; Treu, T.; Valenti, Stefano; Van Saders, J.; Villanueva Jr, S.; Villforth, C.; Weiss, Yaniv; Winkler, H.; Zhu, W. (2018-02-20) - Journal article
    We present optical continuum lags for two Seyfert 1 galaxies, MCG+08-11-011 and NGC 2617, using monitoring data from a reverberation mapping campaign carried out in 2014. Our light curves span the ugriz filters over four ...
  • Continuum tuning of nanoparticle interfacial properties by dynamic covalent exchange 

    Edwards, William; Marro, Nicolas; Turner, Grace; Kay, Euan R. (2018-01-07) - Journal article
    Surface chemical composition is fundamental to determining properties on the nanoscale, making precise control over surface chemistry critical to being able to optimise nanomaterials for virtually any application. ...
  • The contour-advective semi-Lagrangian hybrid algorithm approach to weather forecasting and freely propagating inertia-gravity waves in the shallow-water system 

    Smith, Robert K. (University of St Andrews, 2009-06-24) - Thesis
    This thesis is aimed at extending the spherical barotropic contour-advective semi-Lagrangian (CASL) Algorithm, written in 1996 by David Dritschel and Maarten Ambaum, to more complex test cases within the shallow-water ...
  • Contra-directional coupling into slotted photonic crystals for spectrometric applications 

    Scullion, M.G.; Di Falco, A.; Krauss, T.F. (2014-08-01) - Journal article
    We propose and demonstrate the concept of a contra-directional coupler between a W1 and a slotted photonic crystal waveguide. The bandwidth and operating wavelength of such a coupler can be controlled via its geometrical ...
  • Contractarianism as a Political Morality 

    Sachs, Benjamin Alan (2016-06-02) - Journal article
    Contractarianism initially made its mark, in the seventeenth century, as a sort of theory of everything in ethics. But gradually philosophers became convinced that there were resources available outside contractarianism ...
  • Contracting institutions and development 

    Trew, Alex William (2012) - Journal article
    The quality of contracting institutions has been thought to be of second-order importance next to the impact that good property rights institutions can have on long- run growth. Using a large range of proxies for each type ...
  • Contracts and cooperation : the relative failure of the Irish dairy industry in the late nineteenth century reconsidered 

    Henriksen, Ingrid; McLaughlin, Eoin; Sharp, Paul (2015) - Journal article
    Why did the establishment of cooperative creameries in late nineteenth century Ireland fail to halt the relative decline of her dairy industry compared to other emerging producers? This paper compares the Irish experience ...
  • Contrasting changes in the abundance and diversity of North American bird assemblages from 1971 to 2010 

    Schipper, Aafke M.; Belmaker, Jonathan; de Miranda, Murilo Dantas; Navarro, Laetitia M.; Böhning-Gaese, Katrin; Costello, Mark J.; Dornelas, Maria; Foppen, Ruud; Hortal, Joaquín; Huijbregts, Mark A.J.; Martín-López, Berta; Pettorelli, Nathalie; Queiroz, Cibele; Rossberg, Axel G.; Santini, Luca; Schiffers, Katja; Steinmann, Zoran J.N.; Visconti, Piero; Rondinini, Carlo; Pereira, Henrique M. (2016-12) - Journal article
    Although it is generally recognized that global biodiversity is declining, few studies have examined long-term changes in multiple biodiversity dimensions simultaneously. In this study we quantified and compared temporal ...
  • Contrasting migratory responses of two closely-related seabirds to long-term climate change 

    Grecian, W. James; Taylor, Graeme A.; Loh, Graeme; McGill, Rona A. R.; Miskelly, Colin M.; Phillips, Richard A.; Thompson, David R.; Furness, Robert W. (2016-11-09) - Journal article
    Many marine predators migrate between breeding and non-breeding areas to target resources that are seasonal but spatio-temporally predictable, and so are vulnerable to climate-induced changes in prey phenology and abundance. ...
  • Contrastive reasons and promotion 

    Snedegar, Justin (2014-10) - Journal article
    A promising but underexplored view about normative reasons is contrastivism, which holds that considerations are fundamentally reasons for things only relative to sets of alternatives. Contrastivism gains an advantage by ...
  • Contrastivism about reasons and ought 

    Snedegar, Justin (2015-06-04) - Journal article
    Contrastivism about some concept says that the concept is relativized to sets of alternatives. Relative to some alternatives, the concept may apply, but relative to others, it may not. This article explores contrastivism ...
  • Contribution of mode-coupling and phase-mixing of Alfvén waves to coronal heating 

    Pagano, P.; De Moortel, I. (2017-05-12) - Journal article
    Context. Phase-mixing of Alfvén waves in the solar corona has been identified as one possible candidate to explain coronal heating. While this scenario is supported by observations of ubiquitous oscillations in the corona ...
  • Contribution of phase-mixing of Alfvén waves to coronal heating in multi-harmonic loop oscillations 

    Pagano, Paolo; Pascoe, David James; De Moortel, Ineke (2018-04-26) - Journal article
    Context. Kink oscillations of a coronal loop are observed and studied in detail because they provide a unique probe into the structure of coronal loops through MHD seismology and a potential test of coronal heating through ...
  • The contribution of the subthalamic nucleus to executive functions in rat 

    Xia, Shuang (University of St Andrews, 2014-12-01) - Thesis
    Lesions of the subthalamic nucleus (STN) alleviate the cardinal signs of idiopathic as well as MPTP-induced Parkinson’s disease in primates. For this reason, the STN is a target for clinical treatment of Parkinson’s ...
  • The contribution of Thomas Erskine of Linlathen and his writings to Scottish theology 

    Conn, James Charles (University of St Andrews, 1935) - Thesis
  • A contribution to the chemistry of xylose 

    Speedie, Thomas Hall (University of St Andrews, 1934) - Thesis
  • Contribution to the Public Health Consultation : 'Choosing Health?' 

    Sustainable Development Commission (Sustainable Development Commission, 2004-05-01) - Report
    The Sustainable Development Commission’s submission to the Department of Health's 'Choosing Health?' consultation.
  • Contribution to the study of the intercellular matrix of cartilage 

    Serafini-Fracassini, Augusto (University of St Andrews, 1967) - Thesis
  • Contributions to the theory of Ockham algebras 

    Fang, Jie (University of St Andrews, 1997) - Thesis
    In the first part of this thesis we consider particular ordered sets (connected and of small height) and determine the cardinality of the corresponding dual MS - algebra and of its set of fixed points. The remainder ...
  • Control and measurement of ultrafast pulses for pump/probe-based metrology 

    Harper, Matthew R. (University of St Andrews, 2007) - Thesis
    In this thesis the control of ultrafast (10⁻¹³ s) optical pulses used for metrological applications has been investigated. Two different measurement set-ups have been considered, both based around the `pump-probe' technique, ...