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  • Datblygu cynaliadwy a grwpiau ffydd y DU : dwy ochr yr un geiniog? : arolwg o weithgareddau datblygu cynaliadwy cymunedau ffydd y DU a’r camau nesaf ar gyfer y dyfodol 

    World Wildlife Fund UK; Sustainable Development Commission (Sustainable Development Commission, 2005-10) - Report
    Arolwg o weithgareddau datblygu cynaliadwy cymunedau ffydd y DU a’r camau nesaf ar gyfer y dyfodol.
  • David Mitchell : Slade House 

    Harris-Birtill, Rose (2016-08) - Journal item
  • David Mitchell : The Bone Clocks 

    Harris-Birtill, Rose (2015-06) - Journal item
  • David Steuart Erskine, 11th. Earl of Buchan : a study of his life and correspondence 

    Lamb, James Gordon (University of St Andrews, 1963) - Thesis
    [From the Prefatory note]. All the biographical accounts of David Steuart Erskine, 11th Earl of Buchan, are slight, and often very unsympathetic. Most have relied for factual information on his obituary, published in ...
  • Davidson, interpretation and values 

    Payne, Simon (University of St Andrews, 2014) - Thesis
    The broad aim of this research is to outline, assess and elaborate on Davidson’s work on radical interpretation and its connections to his understanding of values, and particularly on his understanding of the nature of ...
  • The DCDC2 deletion is not a risk factor for dyslexia 

    Scerri, Thomas S.; Macpherson, Ellen; Martinelli, Angela; Wa, Wong Cheuk; Monaco, Anthony P.; Stein, John; Zheng, Mo; Ho, Connie Suk-Han; McBride, Catherine; Snowling, Margaret; Hulme, Charles; Hayiou-Thomas, Marianna E.; Waye, Mary M. Y.; Talcott, Joel B.; Paracchini, Silvia (2017-07-25) - Journal article
    Dyslexia is a specific impairment in learning to read and has strong heritability. An intronic deletion within the DCDC2 gene, with ~8% frequency in European populations, is increasingly used as a marker for dyslexia in ...
  • The de Haas van Alphen effect near a quantum critical end point in Sr₃Ru₂O₇ 

    Mercure, Jean-Francois (University of St Andrews, 2008-11-27) - Thesis
    Highly correlated electron materials are systems in which many new states of matter can emerge. A particular situation which favours the formation of exotic phases of the electron liquid in complex materials is that where ...
  • The de Verdun family in England, Ireland and Wales, 1066-1316: a study 

    Hagger, Mark (University of St Andrews, 1998) - Thesis
    This thesis is composed of an introduction and five chapters. The introduction examines the various sources which can be used in establishing the actions of the family (chronicles, charters, central government rolls and ...
  • Deactivation behavior of Pd/C and Pt/C catalysts in the gas-phase hydrodechlorination of chloromethanes : structure-reactivity relationship 

    Martin-Martinez, M.; Álvarez-Montero, A.; Gómez-Sainero, L.M.; Baker, R.T.; Palomar, J.; Omar, S.; Eser, S.; Rodriguez, J.J. (2015-01-01) - Journal article
    This study analyzes the influence of chemical and physical properties of Pd/C and Pt/C hydrodechlorination (HDC) catalysts in the different evolution of their activity during time on stream. Pt/C showed stable activity in ...
  • Deadly diving? Physiological and behavioural management of decompression stress in diving mammals 

    Hooker, Sascha Kate; Fahlman, A.; Moore, M. J.; Aguilar de Soto, N.; Bernaldo de Quiros, Y.; Brubakk, A. O.; Costa, D. P.; Costidis, A. M.; Dennison, S.; Falke, K. J.; Fernandez, A.; Ferrigno, M.; Fitz-Clarke, J. R.; Garner, M. M.; Houser, D. S.; Jepson, P. D.; Ketten, D. R.; Kvadsheim, P. H.; Madsen, P. T.; Pollock, N. W.; Rotstein, D. S.; Rowles, T. K.; Simmons, S. E.; Van Bonn, W.; Weathersby, P. K.; Weise, M. J.; Williams, T. M.; Tyack, Peter Lloyd (2012-03-22) - Journal item
    Decompression sickness (DCS; 'the bends') is a disease associated with gas uptake at pressure. The basic pathology and cause are relatively well known to human divers. Breath-hold diving marine mammals were thought to be ...
  • A dearth of small particles in the transiting material around the white dwarf WD 1145+017 

    Xu, S.; Rappaport, S.; van Lieshout, R.; Vanderburg, A.; Gary, B.; Hallakoun, N.; Ivanov, V.~D.; Wyatt, M.~C.; DeVore, J.; Bayliss, D.; Bento, J.; Bieryla, A.; Cameron, A.; Cann, J.~M.; Croll, B.; Collins, K.~A.; Dalba, P.~A.; Debes, J.; Doyle, D.; Dufour, P.; Ely, J.; Espinoza, N.; Joner, M.~D.; Jura, M.; Kaye, T.; McClain, J.~L.; Muirhead, P.; Palle, E.; Panka, P.~A.; Provencal, J.; Randall, S.; Rodriguez, J.~E.; Scarborough, J.; Sefako, R.; Shporer, A.; Strickland, W.; Zhou, G.; Zuckerman, B. (2017-11-24) - Journal article
    White dwarf WD 1145+017 is orbited by several clouds of dust, possibly emanating from actively disintegrating bodies. These dust clouds reveal themselves through deep, broad, and evolving transits in the star’s light curve. ...
  • Death : a Christian perspective 

    Holden, Douglas T. (University of St Andrews, 1966) - Thesis
    "It was by no means conceived that this one writing could answer all the questions concerning the Christian answers or beliefs in regard to death. The theme presented here is an historical survey of representative periods ...
  • Death and the soaps 

    Henderson, Elizabeth M. (St Mary's College, University of St Andrews, 2006-06-01) - Journal article
    In the face of criticism that TV soap operas may not be the best place to debate the way the media covers issues relating to death and dying, Elizabeth Henderson identifies key areas of soaps’ make-up that gives them a ...
  • Death in Anglo-Saxon hagiography : approaches, attitudes, aesthetics 

    Key, Jennifer Selina (University of St Andrews, 2014-06-24) - Thesis
    This thesis examines attitudes and approaches towards death, as well as aesthetic representations of death, in Anglo-Saxon hagiography. The thesis contributes to the discussion of the historical and intellectual contexts ...
  • The debate on Austrian national identity in the First Republic (1918-1938) 

    Peniston-Bird, C. M. (University of St Andrews, 1997) - Thesis
    This thesis examines the debate over Austrian national identity in the interwar period (1918-1938), and deconstructs key components of national identity. These components include economic, historical, linguistic and ...
  • Debating irony and the ironic as a social phenomenon and a human capacity 

    Rapport, Nigel Julian; Stade, Ronald (2014-11) - Journal article
    What follows is a set of paired articles, followed by a statement by both authors where they debate their distinct positions. Both articles treat irony, but while Rapport looks to it as a possible liberal virtue, a means ...
  • The debris disc of solar analogue tau Ceti : Herschel observations and dynamical simulations of the proposed multiplanet system 

    Lawler, S. M.; Di Francesco, J.; Kennedy, G. M.; Sibthorpe, B.; Booth, M.; Vandenbussche, B.; Matthews, B. C.; Holland, W. S.; Greaves, J.; Wilner, D. J.; Tuomi, M.; Blommaert, J. A. D. L.; de Vries, B. L.; Dominik, C.; Fridlund, M.; Gear, W.; Heras, A. M.; Ivison, R.; Olofsson, G. (2014-11-01) - Journal article
    tau Ceti is a nearby, mature G-type star very similar to our Sun, with a massive Kuiper Belt analogue and possible multiplanet system that has been compared to our Solar system. We present Herschel Space Observatory images ...
  • Debris entrainment and landform genesis during tidewater glacier surges 

    Lovell, H.; Fleming, E.J.; Benn, Doug I; Hubbard, B.; Lukas, Sven; Rea, B.R.; Noormets, R.; Flink, A.E. (2015-08-22) - Journal article
    The englacial entrainment of basal debris during surges presents an opportunity to investigate processes acting at the glacier bed. The subsequent melt-out of debris-rich englacial structures during the quiescent phase ...
  • Debt amnesia: homeowners’ discourses on the financial costs and gains of homebuying 

    Soaita, Adriana Mihaela; Searle, Beverley Ann (2016-06) - Journal article
    In Anglo-Saxon societies, homeowners expect to create synergies between the owned house seen as a space of shelter, a place of home, a store of wealth and increasingly, an investment vehicle (and an object of debt). Drawing ...