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  • Cumulative exposure to disadvantage and the intergenerational transmission of neighbourhood effects 

    Hedman, Lina; Manley, David John; Van Ham, Maarten; Östh, John (2015) - Journal article
    Studies of neighbourhood effects typically investigate the instantaneous effect of point-in-time measures of neighbourhood poverty on individual outcomes. It has been suggested that it is not solely the current neighbourhood, ...
  • Curating the invisible: contemporary art practices and the production of meaning in Eastern Europe. 

    Stamenkovic, Marko. (School of Art History, University of St Andrews, 2004) - Journal article
    This article addresses the system of art and the issue of contemporary art curatorship in the area known as ‘Eastern Europe’, with a particular emphasis on the status of curatorial practices in the postsocialist condition. ...
  • Curing the common soul : rethinking Byzantine heresy through the literary motif of disease (11th-12th centuries) 

    Mincin, Elisabeth C. (University of St Andrews, 2015-11) - Thesis
    This thesis explores the literary topos in which heresy is defined in terms of disease, focusing particular attention on the reign of the Byzantine emperor Alexios I Komnenos (1081-1118). By examining the portrayals of two ...
  • The curious case of the nuclear company of Britain and Iran 

    Ansari, Ali Massoud (2016-01-25) - Journal article
  • Current and future chemotherapy for Chagas disease 

    Gaspar, Luís; Moraes, Carolina B; Freitas-Junior, Lucio H; Ferrari, Stefania; Costantino, Luca; Costi, Maria Paola; Coron, Ross P; Smith, Terence Kenneth; Siqueira-Neto, Jair L; McKerrow, James H; Cordeiro-da-Silva, Anabela (2015-12-01) - Journal article
    American trypanosomiasis, commonly called Chagas disease, is one of the most neglected illnesses in the world and remains one of the most prevalent chronic infectious diseases of Latin America with thousands of new cases ...
  • Current directions in hyper-programming 

    Morrison, R; Connor, R C H; Cutts, Q I; Dearle, A; Farkas, A; Kirby, G N C; McGettrick, R; Zirintsis, Evangelos (Springer, 2000) - Conference item
    The traditional representation of a program is as a linear sequence of text. At some stage in the execution sequence the source text is checked for type correctness and its translated form is linked to values in the ...
  • Current sheets in the solar corona : formation, fragmentation and heating 

    Bowness, Ruth (University of St Andrews, 2011-11-30) - Thesis
    In this thesis we investigate current sheets in the solar corona. The well known 1D model for the tearing mode instability is presented, before progressing to 2D where we introduce a non-uniform resistivity. The effect ...
  • Current state and future prospects of research on fear of cancer recurrence 

    Lebel, Sophie; Ozakinci, Gozde; Humphris, Gerald; Thewes, Belinda; Prins, Judith; Dinkel, Andreas; Butow, Phyllis (2016-02-18) - Journal item
    1. Despite a rapidly growing research interest in FCR, lack of consensus on definition and measurement including clinical FCR, sparse model development and testing, and limited available clinical interventions have impeded ...
  • Custom in context : Medieval and Early Modern Scotland and England 

    Houston, Robert (Rab) (2011-05) - Journal article
    Studying custom and its context gives unique insights into relations of property, production and law in a society. The first part of the article discusses meaning in Scotland, focusing on ‘custom as normative practice, ...
  • Customizing the therapeutic response of signaling networks to promote antitumor responses by drug combinations 

    Goltsov, A.; Langdon, S.P.; Goltsov, G.; Harrison, D.J.; Bown, J. (2014-02-05) - Journal article
    Drug resistance, de novo and acquired, pervades cellular signaling networks (SNs) from one signaling motif to another as a result of cancer progression and/or drug intervention. This resistance is one of the key determinants ...
  • Cut-elimination, substitution and normalisation 

    Dyckhoff, Roy (Springer, 2015) - Book item
    We present a proof (of the main parts of which there is a formal version, checked with the Isabelle proof assistant) that, for a G3-style calculus covering all of intuitionistic zero-order logic, with an associated term ...
  • Cutoff dependence of the Casimir force within an inhomogeneous medium 

    Horsley, S. A. R.; Simpson, W. M. R. (2013-07-22) - Journal article
    We consider the ground-state energy of the electromagnetic field in a piston geometry. In the idealized case, where the piston and the walls of the chamber are taken as perfect mirrors, the Casimir pressure on the piston ...
  • Cutting a fine figure : On the use of thin sections in electron microscopy to quantify autophagy 

    Lucocq, John Milton; Hacker, Christian (2013-09) - Journal article
    Over the last few years, two guideline articles have been published with recommendations for assessing autophagy. These articles contained advice on quantification of autophagy by electron microscopy and proposed using ...
  • The cyanobactin heterocyclase enzyme : A processive adenylase that operates with a defined order of reaction 

    Koehnke, Jesko Alexander Johannes Gunter; Bent, Andrew Frank; Zollman, David; Smith, Kieran; Houssen, Wael E.; Zhu, Xiaofeng; Mann, Greg; Lebl, Tomas; Scharff, Richard; Shirran, Sally Lorna; Botting, Catherine Helen; Jaspers, Marcel; Schwarz-Linek, Uli; Naismith, Jim (2013-12) - Journal article
  • The Cyclades in the middle and late Bronze Age 

    Barber, R. L. N. (1978) - Thesis
    The study comprises an investigation of the history and culture of the Cyclades in the second millennium B. C., based on a comprehensive analysis of the sites and finds. Particular attention is paid to the question of the ...
  • Cyclotron maser emission : Stars, planets, and laboratory 

    Vorgul, I.; Kellett, B. J.; Cairns, R Alan; Bingham, Robert; Ronald, K.; Speirs, D.C.; McConville, S. L.; Gillespie, K. M.; Phelps, A. D. R. (2011-05) - Journal article
    This paper is a review of results by the group over the past decade on auroral kilometric radiation and similar cyclotron emissions from stars and planets. These emissions are often attributed to a horseshoe or crescent ...
  • Cyclotron maser radiation from inhomogeneous plasmas 

    Cairns, R Alan; Vorgul, I.; Bingham, Robert; Ronald, K.; Speirs, D. C.; McConville, S. L.; Gillespie, K. M.; Bryson, R.; Phelps, A. D. R.; Kellett, B. J.; Cross, A. W.; Roberston, C. W.; Whyte, C. G.; He, W. (2011-02) - Journal article
    Cyclotron maser instabilities are important in space, astrophysical, and laboratory plasmas. While extensive work has been done on these instabilities, most of it deals with homogeneous plasmas with uniform magnetic fields ...
  • Cymru carbon isel : blaenoriaethau rhanbarthol i'w gweithredu 

    Sustainable Development Commission Wales (Sustainable Development Commission, 2009-11-12) - Report
    Mae adroddiad y Comisiwn Datblygu Cynaliadwy 'Cymru Carbon Isel: Blaenoriaethau Rhanbarthol i'w Gweithredu', a gynhyrchwyd ar gyfer Llywodraeth Cynulliad Cymru, yn rhoi cyngor ar sut y gall pob rhanbarth yng Nghymru leihau ...
  • Cynaliadwyedd llywodraeth cynulliad : Cymru 2009 

    Sustainable Development Commission Wales (Sustainable Development Commission, 2009-12) - Report
    Welsh language version of 'Sustainable development in government : Wales 2009'.