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  • The clustering of Galaxies in the SDSS-III Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey : including covariance matrix errors 

    Percival, Will J.; Ross, Ashley J.; Sánchez, Ariel G.; Samushia, Lado; Burden, Angela; Crittenden, Robert; Cuesta, Antonio J.; Magana, Mariana Vargas; Manera, Marc; Beutler, Florian; Chuang, Chia-Hsun; Eisenstein, Daniel J.; Ho, Shirley; McBride, Cameron K.; Montesano, Francesco; Padmanabhan, Nikhil; Reid, Beth; Saito, Shun; Schneider, Donald P.; Seo, Hee-Jong; Tojeiro, Rita; Weaver, Benjamin A. (2014-04-11) - Journal article
    We present improved methodology for including covariance matrices in the error budget of Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey (BOSS) galaxy clustering measurements, revisiting Data Release 9 (DR9) analyses, and describing ...
  • The clustering of galaxies in the SDSS-III Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey : measuring DA and H at z = 0.57 from the baryon acoustic peak in the Data Release 9 spectroscopic Galaxy sample 

    Anderson, Lauren; Aubourg, Eric; Bailey, Stephen; Beutler, Florian; Bolton, Adam S.; Brinkmann, J.; Brownstein, Joel R.; Chuang, Chia-Hsun; Cuesta, Antonio J.; Dawson, Kyle S.; Eisenstein, Daniel J.; Ho, Shirley; Honscheid, Klaus; Kazin, Eyal A.; Kirkby, David; Manera, Marc; McBride, Cameron K.; Mena, O.; Nichol, Robert C.; Olmstead, Matthew D.; Padmanabhan, Nikhil; Palanque-Delabrouille, N.; Percival, Will J.; Prada, Francisco; Ross, Ashley J.; Ross, Nicholas P.; Sánchez, Ariel G.; Samushia, Lado; Schlegel, David J.; Schneider, Donald P.; Seo, Hee-Jong; Strauss, Michael A.; Thomas, Daniel; Tinker, Jeremy L.; Tojeiro, Rita; Verde, Licia; Wake, David; Weinberg, David H.; Xu, Xiaoying; Yeche, Christophe (2014-03-21) - Journal article
    We present measurements of the angular diameter distance to and Hubble parameter at z = 0.57 from the measurement of the baryon acoustic peak in the correlation of galaxies from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey III Baryon ...
  • The clustering of galaxies in the SDSS-III Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey : mock galaxy catalogues for the low-redshift sample 

    Manera, Marc; Samushia, Lado; Tojeiro, Rita; Howlett, Cullan; Ross, Ashley J.; Percival, Will J.; Gil-Marín, Hector; Brownstein, Joel R.; Burden, Angela; Montesano, Francesco (2015-02-01) - Journal article
    We present 1000 mock galaxy catalogues (mocks) for the analysis of the low-redshift sample (LOWZ; effective redshift z ˜ 0.32) of the Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey (BOSS) Data Releases 10 and 11. These mocks have ...
  • The clustering of galaxies in the SDSS-III Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey : modelling of the luminosity and colour dependence in the Data Release 10 

    Guo, Hong; Zheng, Zheng; Zehavi, Idit; Xu, Haojie; Eisenstein, Daniel J.; Weinberg, David H.; Bahcall, Neta A.; Berlind, Andreas A.; Comparat, Johan; McBride, Cameron K.; Ross, Ashley J.; Schneider, Donald P.; Skibba, Ramin A.; Swanson, Molly E. C.; Tinker, Jeremy L.; Tojeiro, Rita; Wake, David A. (2014-07-01) - Journal article
    We investigate the luminosity and colour dependence of clustering of CMASS galaxies in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey-III Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey Data Release 10, focusing on projected correlation functions ...
  • The clustering of galaxies in the SDSS-III DR10 Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey : no detectable colour dependence of distance scale or growth rate measurements 

    Ross, Ashley J.; Samushia, Lado; Burden, Angela; Percival, Will J.; Tojeiro, Rita; Manera, Marc; Beutler, Florian; Brinkmann, J.; Brownstein, Joel R.; Carnero, Aurelio; da Costa, Luiz A. N.; Eisenstein, Daniel J.; Guo, Hong; Ho, Shirley; Maia, Marcio A. G.; Montesano, Francesco; Muna, Demitri; Nichol, Robert C.; Nuza, Sebastián E.; Sánchez, Ariel G.; Schneider, Donald P.; Skibba, Ramin A.; Sobreira, Flávia; Streblyanska, Alina; Swanson, Molly E. C.; Thomas, Daniel; Tinker, Jeremy L.; Wake, David A.; Zehavi, Idit; Zhao, Gong-bo (2014-01-11) - Journal article
    We study the clustering of galaxies, as a function of their colour, from Data Release Ten (DR10) of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey III (SDSS-III) Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey. DR10 contains 540 505 galaxies with ...
  • Clustering of quasars in the first year of the SDSS-IV eBOSS survey : Interpretation and halo occupation distribution 

    Rodríguez-Torres, Sergio A.; Comparat, Johan; Prada, Francisco; Yepes, Gustavo; Burtin, Etienne; Zarrouk, Pauline; Laurent, Pierre; Hahn, ChangHoon; Behroozi, Peter; Klypin, Anatoly; Ross, Ashley; Tojeiro, Rita; Zhao, Gong-Bo (2017-06-11) - Journal article
    In current and future surveys, quasars play a key role. The new data will extend our knowledge of the Universe as it will be used to better constrain the cosmological model at redshift z > 1 via baryon acoustic oscillation ...
  • The clustering of the SDSS-IV extended Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey DR14 quasar sample : first measurement of Baryon Acoustic Oscillations between redshift 0.8 and 2.2 

    Ata, Metin; Baumgarten, Falk; Bautista, Julian; Beutler, Florian; Bizyaev, Dmitry; Blanton, Michael R.; Blazek, Jonathan A.; Bolton, Adam S.; Brinkmann, Jonathan; Brownstein, Joel R.; Burtin, Etienne; Chuang, Chia-Hsun; Comparat, Johan; Dawson, Kyle S.; de la Macorra, Axel; Du, Wei; du Mas des Bourboux, Helion; Eisenstein, Daniel J.; Gil-Marin, Hector; Grabowski, Katie; Guy, Julien; Hand, Nick; Ho, Shirley; Hutchinson, Timothy A.; Ivanov, Mikhail M.; Kitaura, Francisco-Shu; Kneib, Jean-Paul; Laurent, Pierre; Le Goff, Jean-Marc; McEwen, Joseph E.; Mueller, Eva-Maria; Myers, Adam D.; Newman, Jeffrey A.; Palanque-Delabrouille, Nathalie; Pan, Kaike; Paris, Isabelle; Pellejero-Ibanez, Marcos; Percival, Will J.; Petitjean, Patrick; Prada, Francisco; Prakash, Abhishek; Rodriguez-Torres, Sergio A.; Ross, Ashley J.; Rossi, Graziano; Ruggeri, Rossana; Sanchez, Ariel G.; Satpathy, Siddharth; Schlegel, David J.; Schneider, Donald P.; Seo, Hee-Jong; Slosar, Anze; Streblyanska, Alina; Tinker, Jeremy L.; Tojeiro, Rita; Vargas Magana, Mariana; Vivek, M.; Wang, Yuting; Yeche, Christophe; Yu, Liang; Zarrouk, Pauline; Zhao, Cheng; Zhao, Gong-Bo; Zhu, Fangzhou (2017-10-11) - Journal article
    We present measurements of the Baryon Acoustic Oscillation (BAO) scale in redshift-space using the clustering of quasars. We consider a sample of 147,000 quasars from the extended Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey ...
  • Clustering-based redshift estimation : application to VIPERS/CFHTLS 

    Scottez, V.; Mellier, Y.; Granett, B. R.; Moutard, T.; Kilbinger, M.; Scodeggio, M.; Garilli, B.; Bolzonella, M.; de la Torre, S.; Guzzo, L.; Abbas, U.; Adami, C.; Arnouts, S.; Bottini, D.; Branchini, E.; Cappi, A.; Cucciati, O.; Davidzon, I.; Fritz, A.; Franzetti, P.; Iovino, A.; Krywult, J.; Le Brun, V.; Le Fèvre, O.; Maccagni, D.; Małek, K.; Marulli, F.; Polletta, M.; Pollo, A.; Tasca, L. A. M.; Tojeiro, R.; Vergani, D.; Zanichelli, A.; Bel, J.; Coupon, J.; De Lucia, G.; Ilbert, O.; McCracken, H. J.; Moscardini, L. (2016-07-08) - Journal article
    We explore the accuracy of the clustering-based redshift estimation proposed by Ménard et al. when applied to VIMOS Public Extragalactic Redshift Survey (VIPERS) and Canada–France–Hawaii Telescope Legacy Survey (CFHTLS) ...
  • Clusters of small eruptive flares produced by magnetic reconnection in the Sun 

    Archontis, V.; Hansteen, V. (2014-06-10) - Journal article
    We report on the formation of small solar flares produced by patchy magnetic reconnection between interacting magnetic loops. A three-dimensional (3D) magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) numerical experiment was performed, where a ...
  • CMacIonize: towards radiation hydrodynamics simulations of dwarf galaxy formation 

    Vandenbroucke, Bert Willem J; Wood, Kenneth (2017-10-02) - Conference poster
  • CMLSnap : Animated reaction mechanisms 

    Holliday, G L; Mitchell, John B. O.; Murray-Rust, P (2004-10-26) - Journal article
    Reactions with many steps can be represented by a single XML-based table of the atoms, bonds and electrons. For each step the complete Chemical Markup Language 1 representation of all components is obtained and a snapshot ...
  • CO ro-vibrational lines in HD 100546 A search for disc asymmetries and the role of fluorescence 

    Hein Bertelsen, R.P.; Kamp, I.; Goto, M.; Van Der Plas, G.; Thi, W.-F.; Waters, L.B.F.M.; Van Den Ancker, M.E.; Woitke, P. (2014-01-14) - Journal article
    Aims. We have studied the emission of CO ro-vibrational lines in the disc around the Herbig Be star HD 100546 to determine physical properties, disc asymmetries, the CO excitation mechanism, and the spatial extent of the ...
  • Co-designing for sustainability: strategising community carbon emission reduction through socio-ecological innovation 

    White, Rehema Mary; van Koten, Hamid (2016-04-22) - Journal article
    Designing for sustainability requires us to intentionally and creatively explore and implement radical changes in social as well as environmental arenas. This paper reflects on an interdisciplinary, action research project ...
  • Co-producing a post-trafficking agenda : collaborating on transforming citizenship in Nepal 

    Laurie, Nina; Richardson, Diane; Poudel, Meena; Samuha, Shakti; Townsend, Janet (2015-05-19) - Journal article
    This article discusses how a new agenda on post-trafficking is gaining momentum through academic and activist anti-trafficking collaborations focused on co-producing knowledge with women who have returned from trafficking ...
  • Coastal zone management in Dubai with reference to ecological characterization along Dubai Creek 

    Al Zahed, Khalid (University of St Andrews, 2008) - Thesis
    Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) is a dynamic process in which a coordinated strategy is developed and implemented for the allocation of environmental, socio-cultural, and institutional resources to achieve the ...
  • Coatings on stainless steel for solid oxide fuel cell interconnects 

    Clarke, Richard (University of St Andrews, 2012) - Thesis
    Enabling inexpensive and ubiquitous steels for use as solid oxide fuel cell interconnects has two major hurdles to overcome. Firstly, corrosion must be limited such that the interconnect can have longevity. Secondly, the ...
  • COBALT: Challenging obstacles and barriers to assistive living technologies 

    Astell, Arlene Jean; Williams, E. A.; Hwang, F.; Norton, M.; Adlam, T.; Lethbridge, K.; Wright, D.; Harney-Levine, S.; Ellis, Maggie (2012) - Journal item
  • Coda vocalizations recorded in breeding areas are almost entirely produced by mature female sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus) 

    Marcoux, M; Whitehead, H; Rendell, L (2006) - Journal article
    We investigated the use and function of coda communication by sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus L., 1758 (=Physeter Catodon L., 1758)) Codas are stereotyped patterns of clicks often made by sperm whales in social contexts. ...
  • Code underpinning - Modal beam splitter: determination of the transversal components of an electromagnetic light field 

    Mazilu, Michael; Vettenburg, Tom; Ploschner, Martin; Wright, Ewan Malcolm; Dholakia, Kishan (University of St Andrews, 2017) - Software
    Mathematica code simulating the mode splitting using the optical eigenmode method.