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  • Circumpolar habitat use in the southern elephant seal: implications for foraging success and population trajectories 

    Hindell, Mark A.; McMahon, Clive R.; Bester, Marthán N.; Boehme, Lars; Costa, Daniel; Fedak, Mike; Guinet, Christophe; Herraiz-Borreguero, Laura; Harcourt, Robert G.; Huckstadt, Luis; Kovacs, Kit M.; Lydersen, Christian; McInytre, Trevor; Muelbert, Monica; Roquet, Fabien; Williams, Guy; Charrassin, Jean-Benoit (2016-05-26) - Journal article
    In the Southern Ocean, wide-ranging predators offer the opportunity to quantify how animals respond to differences in the environment because their behavior and population trends are an integrated signal of prevailing ...
  • cis-Cyclopropylamines as mechanism-based inhibitors of Monoamine Oxidases 

    Malcomson, Thomas; Kelekci, Kemal; Borrello, Maria T.; Ganesan, A.; Semina, Elena; De Kimpe, Norbert; Mangelinckx, Sven; Ramsay, Rona R. (2015-08) - Journal article
    Cyclopropylamines, inhibitors of monoamine oxidases (MAO) and lysine-specific demethylase (LSD1), provide a useful structural scaffold for the design of mechanism-based inhibitors for the therapy of depression and cancer. ...
  • cis-Dichloridobis(dimethoxyphenylphosphine)palladium(II) 

    Slawin, Alexandra M. Z.; Waddell, Paul G.; Woollins, J. Derek (2010-03) - Journal article
    The title compound, [PdCl2(C8H11O2P)(2)], has a comparable structure to those of related palladium dichloride complexes containing trimethyl phosphinite and methyl diphenyl phosphinite. The Pd atom is located on a ...
  • cis-Dichloridobis(triisopropoxyphosphine)platinum(II) 

    Slawin, Alexandra M. Z.; Waddell, Paul G.; Woollins, J. Derek (2009-11) - Journal article
    The title compound, [PtCl2(C9H21O3P)(2)], was obtained from a solution of PtCl2(COD) ( COD = 1,5-cyclooctadiene) and triisopropylphosphite in dichloromethane. The complex features a Pt(II) atom coordinated by two Cl and ...
  • cis-Dichloridobis(trimethoxyphosphine)palladium(II) at 125 K 

    Slawin, Alexandra M. Z.; Waddell, Paul G.; Woollins, J. Derek (2009-11) - Journal article
    The title compound, [PdCl2(C3H9O3P)(2)], which is isotypic with its platinum analogue, adopts a slightly distorted cis square-planar geometry for the Pd centre.
  • Citizen science as a new tool in dog cognition research 

    Stewart, Laughlin; MacLean, Evan L.; Ivy, David; Woods, Vanessa; Cohen, Eliot; Rodriguez, Kerri; McIntyre, Matthew; Mukherjee, Sayan; Call, Josep; Kaminski, Juliane; Miklosi, Adam; Wrangham, Richard W.; Hare, Brian (2015-09-16) - Journal article
    Family dogs and dog owners offer a potentially powerful way to conduct citizen science to answer questions about animal behavior that are difficult to answer with more conventional approaches. Here we evaluate the quality ...
  • City government and the state in eighteenth century South Carolina 

    Hart, Emma (2017-03) - Journal article
  • City life makes females fussy : sex differences in habitat use of temperate bats in urban areas 

    Lintott, Paul R.; Bunnefeld, Nils; Fuentes-Montemayor, Elisa; Minderman, Jeroen; Mayhew, Rebekah J.; Olley, Lena; Park, Kirsty J. (2014-11-19) - Journal article
    Urbanization is a major driver of the global loss of biodiversity; to mitigate its adverse effects, it is essential to understand what drives species' patterns of habitat use within the urban matrix. While many animal ...
  • City of details : interpreting the personality of London 

    Reed, Adam Douglas Evelyn (2002-03) - Journal article
    This article investigates the ways in which a group of enthusiasts for London constitute their city. The 'personality' attributed to London is described, as well as the interpretive acts that reveal it. These people, who ...
  • City of purposes : free life and libertarian activism in London 

    Reed, Adam Douglas Evelyn (2015-03) - Journal article
    This essay looks at the ideas and practice of right-libertarian activists in London. It focuses on the value placed on purposefulness, and on the city as the terrain for a free life. Their activism is explored through an ...
  • Civic and ethnic nationalism : a dichotomy 

    Kamusella, Tomasz Dominik (Veda, 2017) - Book item
  • The claim of humanity in Christ : salvation and sanctification in the theology of T.F. and J.B. Torrance 

    Radcliff, Alexandra Sophie (University of St Andrews, 2014-06) - Thesis
    This thesis critically engages with the Torrances’ claim that all of humanity is in Christ. It explores how God has claimed humanity in salvation and the claim that He has placed upon humanity in sanctification. It argues ...
  • The clarity incentive for issue engagement in campaigns 

    Basu, Chitralekha; Knowles, Matthew Paul (2017-06-14) - Working or discussion paper
    Although parties focus disproportionately on favorable issues in their election campaigns, it is also the case that parties spend much of the ‘short campaign’ addressing the same issues – and especially salient issues. If ...
  • A clash of swords: civil peace and the counteracting role of defence in Thomas Hobbes's theory of sovereignty. 

    Boyd, Jonathan A. (University of St Andrews, 2012-06-19) - Thesis
    This thesis will inquire into the practicable strategies that Thomas Hobbes described in his major works of political philosophy, on the one hand, to allow his sovereign to ensure civil peace, and on the other, to enable ...
  • Clasp-mediated microtubule bundling regulates persistent motility and contact repulsion in Drosophila macrophages in vivo 

    Stramer, Brian; Moreira, Severina; Millard, Tom; Evans, Iwan; Huang, Chieh-Yin; Sabet, Ola; Milner, Martin John; Dunn, Graham; Martin, Paul; Wood, Will (2010-05-17) - Journal article
    Drosophila melanogaster macrophages are highly migratory cells that lend themselves beautifully to high resolution in vivo imaging experiments. By expressing fluorescent probes to reveal actin and microtubules, we can ...
  • A class of 5-nitro-2-furancarboxylamides with potent trypanocidal activity against Trypanosoma brucei in vitro 

    Zhou, Linna; Stewart, Gavin; Rideau, Emeline; Westwood, Nicholas James; Smith, Terry K (2013-02-14) - Journal article
    Recently, the World Health Organization approved the nifurtimox–eflornithine combination therapy for the treatment of human African trypanosomiasis, renewing interest in nitroheterocycle therapies for this and associated ...
  • Class, citizenship and regeneration : Glasgow and the Commonwealth Games 2014 

    Paton, Kirsteen; Mooney, Gerry; McKee, Kim (2012-09) - Journal article
    Through a focus on “consumer-citizenship” this paper foregrounds the class practices inherent in urban regeneration. Using Glasgow's 2014 Commonwealth Games (CWGs) as an illustrative example of regeneration, it seeks to ...
  • Class, consumption and currency : commercial photography in mid-Victorian Scotland 

    Laurence-Allen, Antonia (University of St Andrews, 2012-11-30) - Thesis
    This thesis examines a thirty year span in the history of Scottish photography, focusing on the rise of the commercial studio from 1851 to assess how images were produced and consumed by the middle class in the mid-Victorian ...
  • Classical T Tauri stars : magnetic fields, coronae, and star-disc interactions 

    Johnstone, C. P.; Jardine, Moira Mary; Gregory, Scott; Donati, J. -F.; Hussain, G. (2014-02-01) - Journal article
    The magnetic fields of young stars set their coronal properties and control their spin evolution via the star-disc interaction and outflows. Using 14 magnetic maps of 10 classical T Tauri stars (CTTSs) we investigate their ...
  • Classical trinitarianism and eternal functional subordination : some historical and dogmatic reflections 

    Holmes, Stephen R. (2017-07-11) - Journal article
    Within Anglophone evangelical theology and church life there has been much debate in recent months over the idea of ‘eternal functional subordination’ (EFS) or ‘eternal relationships of authority and submission’ (ERAS). ...