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  • Count-based state merging for probabilistic regular tree grammars 

    Dietze, Toni; Nederhof, Mark Jan (Association for Computational Linguistics, 2015-06-22) - Conference item
    We present an approach to obtain language models from a tree corpus using probabilistic regular tree grammars (prtg). Starting with a prtg only generating trees from the corpus, the prtg is generalized step by step by ...
  • Countermemory and the (Turkish-)German theatrical archive : reading the documentary remains of Emine Sevgi Özdamar’s Karagöz in Alamania (1986) 

    Stewart, Lizzie (2013) - Journal article
    Theatre history stands in a curious relation to the archive: created from physical, archival documents it then itself helps constitute or contest the ‘cultural archive’ which the ‘imagined community’ of a particular area, ...
  • Counting cases in substitope algorithms 

    Banks, D.C.; Linton, Stephen Alexander; Stockmeyer, P.K. (2004-07) - Journal article
    We describe how to count the cases that arise in a family of visualization techniques, including Marching Cubes, Sweeping Simplices, Contour Meshing, Interval Volumes, and Separating Surfaces. Counting the cases is the ...
  • Counting whales in a challenging, changing environment 

    Williams, R.; Kelly, N.; Boebel, O.; Friedlaender, A. S.; Herr, H.; Kock, K. -H.; Lehnert, L. S.; Maksym, T.; Roberts, J.; Scheidat, M.; Siebert, U.; Brierley, A. S. (2014-03-13) - Journal article
    Estimating abundance of Antarctic minke whales is central to the International Whaling Commission's conservation and management work and understanding impacts of climate change on polar marine ecosystems. Detecting abundance ...
  • Country Portfolios, collateral constraints and optimal monetary policy 

    Senay, Ozge; Sutherland, Alan James (University of St Andrews, 2016-01-29) - Working or discussion paper
    Recent literature shows that, when international financial trade is absent, optimal policy deviates significantly from strict inflation targeting, but when there is trade in equities and bonds, optimal policy is close to ...
  • Coupled complex networks : structure, adaptation and processes 

    Shai, Saray (University of St Andrews, 2014-11) - Thesis
    In the last 15 years, network science has established itself as a leading scientific tool for the study of complex systems, describing how components in a system interact with one another. Understanding the structure and ...
  • Coupling Epitaxy, Chemical Bonding, and Work Function at the Local Scale in Transition Metal-Supported Graphene 

    Wang, Bo; Caffio, Marco; Bromley, Catherine; Fruchtl, Herbert Anton; Schaub, Renald (2010-10) - Journal article
    Resonance tunneling spectroscopy and density functional theory calculations are employed to explore local variations in the electronic surface potential of a single graphene layer grown on Rh(111). A work function modulation ...
  • Coupling of the solar wind, magnetosphere and ionosphere by MHD waves 

    Russell, Alexander J. B. (University of St Andrews, 2010-11-30) - Thesis
    The solar wind, magnetosphere and ionosphere are coupled by magnetohydrodynamic waves, and this gives rise to new and often unexpected behaviours that cannot be produced by a single, isolated part of the system. This ...
  • Coupling polariton quantum boxes in sub-wavelength grating microcavities 

    Zhang, B.; Brodbeck, S.; Wang, Z.; Kamp, M.; Schneider, C.; Höfling, S.; Deng, H. (2015-02-02) - Journal article
    We report the construction of decoupled, coupled, and quasi-one dimensional polariton systems from zero dimensional polariton quantum boxes using microcavities with sub-wavelength gratings as the top mirror. By designing ...
  • The court and household of Edward III, 1360-1377 

    Given-Wilson, Chris (University of St Andrews, 1976) - Thesis
    This thesis is written in two parts. The first part contains an examination of the household functionings as an institution. Although the household was an establishment of declining national importance in the years 1360-1377, ...
  • Covert operations, wars, detainee destinations, and the psychology of democratic peace 

    Crandall, Chris; Cox, Owen; Beasley, Ryan; Omelicheva, Mariya (2015-10-26) - Journal article
    We explore US covert forcible actions against democratic governments and their citizens and show that inter-democratic use of covert force is common and can be accommodated within the theory of democratic peace. Grounded ...
  • CRAWDAD : A Wireless Network Data Archive for WiSec Researchers 

    Henderson, Tristan; Kotz, David (2014-07-23) - Conference poster
    We present the CRAWDAD wireless network data archive, the largest archive of its type. CRAWDAD hosts 115 wireless network datasets and tools, many of which are of use, and have been used, for wireless network research. ...
  • CRAWDAD wireless network data citation bibliography 

    Henderson, Tristan; Kotz, David (2015-01-02) - Dataset
  • Creating and probing of a perfect vortex in situ with an optically trapped particle 

    Chen, Mingzhou; Mazilu, Michael; Arita, Yoshihiko; Wright, Ewan M.; Dholakia, Kishan (2015-02) - Journal article
    We experimentally create a 'perfect' vortex beam, which has a uniform ring profile and fixed radius. In contrast with other vortex fields, the intensity profile is independent of its topological charge. We then correct ...
  • Creating mass public engagement on climate change 

    Involve (Organization : London, England) (Sustainable Development Commission, 2008-10-30) - Report
    The purpose of this document is to outline an approach to building large scale public engagement around the lead up to the Copenhagen 09 climate change conference.
  • Creating nuclear spin entanglement using an optical degree of freedom 

    Schaffry, Marcus; Lovett, Brendon W.; Gauger, Erik M. (2011-09-21) - Journal article
    Molecular nanostructures are promising building blocks for future quantum technologies, provided methods of harnessing their multiple degrees of freedom can be identified and implemented. Due to low decoherence rates, ...
  • Creating numbers : carbon and capital investment 

    Vesty, Gillian; Telgenkamp, Abby; Roscoe, Philip John (2015) - Journal article
    Purpose - This case study seeks to illustrate the way in which carbon emissions are given calculative agency. We contribute to sociology of quantification with a specific focus on the performativity of the carbon number ...
  • Creating open access books: a partnership between a university library and a research centre 

    Aucock, Janet (Ubiquity Press, 2014) - Book item
    Our e-book story from the University of St Andrews is one of partnership between the University Library and a particular research centre, the St Andrews Centre for French History and Culture. The Library and the editor ...
  • Creating S0s with major mergers : a 3D view 

    Querejeta, Miguel; Eliche-Moral, M. Carmen; Tapia, Trinidad; Borlaff, Alejandro; van de Ven, Glenn; Lyubenova, Mariya; Martig, Marie; Falcón-Barroso, Jesús; Mendez-Abreu, Jairo; Zamorano, Jaime; Gallego, Jesús (2015-12-03) - Journal article
    A number of simulators have argued that major mergers can sometimes preserve discs, but the possibility that they could explain the emergence of lenticular galaxies (S0s) has been generally neglected. In fact, observations ...
  • Creation and marginalisation in women’s writing in mid-twentieth-century Uruguay : the case of Concepción Silva Bélinzon’s poetry 

    Montañez Morillo, María Soledad (University of St Andrews, 2012-01-20) - Thesis
    This thesis explores how women’s writing in mid-twentieth century Uruguay enables a reconsideration of the intertwined hegemonic practices of literary canon formation and national identity in this seminal period. Within a ...