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  • Book-collecting and literature in eighteenth-century Britain 

    Allan, David William (2015-07) - Journal article
    Book collections occupied a central place in eighteenth-century British culture. It is clear that changing economic conditions were making book-ownership progressively more widespread, even though detailed evidence for the ...
  • Boom goes the price : giant resource discoveries and real exchange rate appreciation 

    Harding, Torfinn; Stefanski, Radoslaw (Radek); Toews, Gerhard (University of St Andrews, 2016-05-21) - Working or discussion paper
    We estimate the effect of giant oil and gas discoveries on bilateral real exchange rates. The size and plausibly exogenous timing of such discoveries make them ideal for identifying the effects of an anticipated resource ...
  • Bootstrapping opportunistic networks using social roles 

    Bigwood, Greg; Henderson, Tristan (IEEE, 2011-06-23) - Conference item
    Opportunistic routing protocols can enable message delivery in disconnected networks of mobile devices. To conserve energy in mobile environments, such routing protocols must minimise unnecessary message-forwarding. This ...
  • Boron isotope evidence for oceanic carbon dioxide leakage during the last deglaciation 

    Martínez-Botí, M A; Marino, G; Foster, G L; Ziveri, P; Henehan, M J; Rae, J W B; Mortyn, P G; Vance, D (2015-02-12) - Journal article
    Atmospheric CO2 fluctuations over glacial-interglacial cycles remain a major challenge to our understanding of the carbon cycle and the climate system. Leading hypotheses put forward to explain glacial-interglacial atmospheric ...
  • Boron isotopes in foraminifera : systematics, biomineralisation, and CO2 reconstruction 

    Rae, James W. B. (Springer, 2018) - Book item
    The boron isotope composition of foraminifera provides a powerful tracer for CO2 change over geological time. This proxy is based on the equilibrium of boron and its isotopes in seawater, which is a function of pH. However ...
  • Bottom-up vs. top-down : trade-offs in efficiency, understanding, freedom and creativity with InfoVis tools 

    Mendez, Gonzalo Gabriel; Hinrichs, Uta; Nacenta, Miguel (ACM, 2017-05-02) - Conference item
    The emergence of tools that support fast-and-easy visualization creation by non-experts has made the benefits of InfoVis widely accessible. Key features of these tools include attribute-level operations, automated mappings, ...
  • Bougainville revisited : understanding the crisis and U-Vistract through an ethnography of everyday life in Nagovisi 

    Kenema, Simon (University of St Andrews, 2015) - Thesis
    This thesis offers an ethnographic study of everyday life in Nagovisi of Southwest Bougainville. The study focuses on aspects of how the Nagovisi construe social relations with a specific focus on vernacular categories ...
  • Boundary layer flow beneath an internal solitary wave of elevation 

    Carr, Magda; Davies, P A (2010-02) - Journal article
    The wave-induced flow over a fixed bottom boundary beneath an internal solitary wave of elevation propagating in an unsheared, two-layer, stably stratified fluid is investigated experimentally. Measurements of the velocity ...
  • Bouteflika may run for a fifth term 

    Bettine, Yasmine (St Andrews Africa Summit, University of St Andrews, 2017-01-31) - Journal article
  • “Boys should have the courage to ask a girl out” : gender norms in early adolescent romantic relationships 

    De Meyer, Sara; Kågesten, Anna; Mmari, Kristin; McEachran, Juliet; Chilet-Rosell, Elisa; Kabiru, Caroline W.; Maina, Beatrice; Jerves, Elena M.; Currie, Candace; Michielsen, Kristien (2017-10) - Journal article
    Purpose: The purpose of the study is to explore how gender norms emerge in romantic relationships among early adolescents (EAs) living in five poor urban areas. Methods:  Data were collected as part of the Global Early ...
  • Brain swelling and death in children with cerebral malaria 

    Seydel, Karl B; Kampondeni, Samuel D; Valim, Clarissa; Potchen, Michael J; Milner, Danny A; Muwalo, Francis W; Birbeck, Gretchen L; Bradley, William G; Fox, Lindsay L; Glover, Simon J; Hammond, Colleen A; Heyderman, Robert S; Chilingulo, Cowles A; Molyneux, Malcolm E; Taylor, Terrie E (2015-03-19) - Journal article
    Case fatality rates among African children with cerebral malaria remain in the range of 15 to 25%. The key pathogenetic processes and causes of death are unknown, but a combination of clinical observations and pathological ...
  • Bread and cinema : Baghdad in al-Nakhla wa-'l-jiran by Gha'ib Tu'ma Farman 

    Caiani, Fabio; Cobham, Catherine Mary (2010) - Journal article
    Al-Nakhla wa-'l-jīrān (‘The Palm Tree and the Neighbours', 1966) has been largely neglected outside the Arab world, despite being hailed as ‘the true beginning’ of the Iraqi novel. After an introduction to Farmān and the ...
  • Breaking conditional symmetry in automated constraint modelling with CONJURE 

    Akgün, Özgür; Gent, Ian; Jefferson, Chris; Miguel, Ian; Nightingale, Peter (IOS Press, 2014) - Book item
    Many constraint problems contain symmetry, which can lead to redundant search. If a partial assignment is shown to be invalid, we are wasting time if we ever consider a symmetric equivalent of it. A particularly important ...
  • Breaking Lorentz reciprocity to overcome the time-bandwidth limit in physics and engineering 

    Tsakmakidis, K. L.; Shen, L.; Schulz, S. A.; Zheng, X.; Upham, J.; Deng, X.; Altug, H.; Vakakis, A. F.; Boyd, R. W. (2017-06-23) - Journal article
    A century-old tenet in physics and engineering asserts that any type of system, having bandwidth Δω, can interact with a wave over only a constrained time period Δt inversely proportional to the bandwidth (Δt·Δω ~ 2π). ...
  • Breaking the holding pattern : a new approach to aviation policymaking in the UK : executive summary 

    Sustainable Development Commission (Sustainable Development Commission, 2008-05) - Report
    This document is a summary of 'Breaking the holding pattern : a new approach to aviation policymaking in the UK'.
  • Breakthroughs for the twenty-first century 

    Sustainable Development Commission (Sustainable Development Commission, 2009-07-01) - Report
    Nineteen ‘Breakthrough Ideas’ filtered from 285 submissions spread across the spectrum of sustainable development, with solutions ranging from policy change to grassroots action to technological innovation. They encompass ...
  • Breeding limits foraging time : evidence of interrupted foraging response from body mass variation in a tropical environment 

    Nwaogu, Chima J.; Dietz, Maurine W.; Tieleman, B. Irene; Cresswell, Will (2017-04) - Journal article
    Birds should store body reserves if starvation risk is anticipated; this is known as an ‘interrupted foraging response’. If foraging remains unrestricted, however, body mass should remain low to limit the predation risk ...
  • Breeding male grey seals exhibit similar activity budgets across varying exposures to human activity 

    Bishop, Amanda; Pomeroy, Patrick; Twiss, Sean D. (2015-05-07) - Journal article
    Human-wildlife interactions can be incidental or direct through activities such as wildlife tourism. In the presence of anthropogenic activities, some animals exhibit behavioural alterations such as increased vigilance or ...
  • Brevard Childs : the logic of scripture's textual authority 

    Driver, Daniel R. (University of St Andrews, 2009-06-25) - Thesis
    Brevard Childs argues for the inner logic of scripture’s textual authority as an historical reality that gives rise to the material condition by which the church apprehends and experiences God in Christ. The church’s use ...
  • Bridging the gap : attractive 3c-4e interactions in peri-substituted acenaphthylenes 

    Diamond, Louise M.; Knight, Fergus R.; Arachchige, Kasun S. Athukorala; Randall, Rebecca A. M.; Buehl, Michael; Slawin, Alexandra M. Z.; Woollins, J. Derek (2014-03) - Journal article
    A series of peri-substituted acenaphthylenes that contain mixed halogen-chalcogen functionalities at the 5,6-positions in 1-6 [Acenapyl[X](EPh) (Acenapyl = acenaphthylene-5,6-diyl; X = Br, I; E = S, Se, Te)] and ...