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    • Flexible glass hybridized colloidal quantum dots for Gb/s visible light communications 

      Foucher, C.; Sufyan, Mohamed Islim; Guilhabert, B.; Videv, S.; Rajbhandari, S.; Gomez Diaz, A.; Chun, H.; Vithanage, Chiranthika Dimali Amarasinghe; Turnbull, Graham Alexander; Samuel, Ifor David William; Faulkner, G.; O’Brien, D. C.; Hass, H.; Laurand, N.; Dawson, M. D. (2018-02) - Journal article
      Color converting films of colloidal quantum dots (CQDs) encapsulated with flexible glass are integrated with microsize GaN LEDs (μLEDs) in order to form optical sources for high-speed visible light communications (VLC). ...
    • MIMO visible light communications using a wide field-of-view fluorescent concentrator 

      Mulyawan, Rahmat; Chun, Hyunchae; Gomez, Ariel; Rajbhandari, Sujan; Faulkner, Grahame; Manousiadis, Pavlos P.; Vithanage, Dimali A.; Turnbull, Graham A.; Samuel, Ifor D W; Collins, Stephen; O'Brien, Dominic (2017-02-01) - Journal article
      This letter reports a demonstration of a 2 x 2 multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) indoor visible-light communication (VLC) system using a novel fluorescent optical concentrator-based receiver. This potentially allows a ...
    • Wide field of view fluorescent antenna for visible light communications beyond the étendue limit 

      Manousiadis, Pavlos; Rajbhandari, Sujan; Mulyawan, Rahmat; Vithanage, Chiranthika Dimali Amarasinghe; Chun, Hyunchae; Faulkner, Grahame; O'Brien, Dominic C; Turnbull, Graham Alexander; Collins, Stephen; Samuel, Ifor David William (2016-07-20) - Journal article
      Visible light communications (VLC) is an important emerging field aiming to use optical communications to supplement Wi-Fi. This will greatly increase the available bandwidth so that demands for ever-higher data rates can ...