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    • Chimpanzee lip-smacking facilitates cooperative behaviour 

      Fedurek, Pawel; Slocombe, Katie; Hartel, Jessica A.; Zuberbuehler, Klaus (2015-08-21) - Journal article
      Signalling plays an important role in facilitating and maintaining affiliative or cooperative interactions in social animals. Social grooming in primates is an example of an interaction that requires coordination between ...
    • Experimental field studies with non-human primates 

      Zuberbuehler, Klaus (2014-10) - Journal article
      One way to study language evolution is to compare human communication with closely related non-human primate species. This comparative approach has turned to be especially productive if subjects are studied under natural ...
    • Social learning, culture and the ‘socio-cultural brain’ of human and non-human primates 

      Whiten, Andrew; van de Waal, Erica (2017-11) - Journal item
      Noting important recent discoveries, we review primate social learning, traditions and culture, together with associated findings about primate brains. We survey our current knowledge of primate cultures in the wild, and ...