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    • Semantic web technologies in pervasive computing : a survey and research roadmap 

      Ye, Juan; Dasiopoulou, Stamatia; Stevenson, Graeme Turnbull; Meditskos, Georgios; Kontopoulos, Efstratios; Kompatsiaris, Ioannis; Dobson, Simon Andrew (2015-10) - Journal article
      Pervasive and sensor-driven systems are by nature open and extensible, both in terms of input and tasks they are required to perform. Data streams coming from sensors are inherently noisy, imprecise and inaccurate, with ...
    • SLearn : shared learning human activity labels across multiple datasets 

      Ye, Juan (IEEE Computer Society, 2018-03-19) - Conference item
      The research of sensor-based human activity recognition has been attracting increasing attention over years as it is playing an important role in various human-beneficiary applications such as ambient assistive living, ...