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    • Continuity and discontinuity: the Lord's Supper in historical perspective 

      Sefton, Henry (St Mary's College, University of St Andrews, 2008-12-01) - Journal article
      While the Reformation brought a transformation in the way the Lord's Supper was celebrated in Scotland, Henry Sefton's paper shows that the change in practice was not at complete as might be thought, and that through the ...
    • Reformed theology in Scotland 

      Macleod, Donald (St Mary's College, University of St Andrews, 2010-12-01) - Journal article
      Marking the legacy of the Reformation, Donald Macleod undertakes a survey of the Scottish Reformed theological tradition. While this is a wide field abounding with complex issues and fascinating personalities, he expertly ...
    • Rooted in all its story, more is meant than meets the ear : a study of the relational and revelational nature of George MacDonald's mythopoeic art 

      Jeffrey Johnson, Kirstin Elizabeth (University of St Andrews, 2011-06-21) - Thesis
      Scholars and storytellers alike have deemed George MacDonald a great mythopoeic writer, an exemplar of the art. Examination of this accolade by those who first applied it to him proves it profoundly theological: for them ...
    • Taking Darwin seriously 

      Spurway, Neil (St Mary's College, University of St Andrews, 2016-06-01) - Journal article
      Professor Neil Spurway considers Darwin’s theoretical development of evolution by natural selection alongside the picture presented in the creation narratives in Genesis, before undertaking a survey of the reception of ...
    • "Unity and diversity: the founders of the Free Church of Scotland" by Sandy Finlayson 

      Statham, Todd (St Mary's College, University of St Andrews, 2011-12-01) - Book review
      Review of Sandy Finlayson, Unity and Diversity: The Founders of the Free Church of Scotland (Fearn: Christian Focus, 2010).