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    • Accretion discs as regulators of stellar angular momentum evolution in the ONC and Taurus-Auriga 

      Davies, Claire; Gregory, Scott; Greaves, Jane Sophia (2014-10-21) - Journal article
      In light of recent substantial updates to spectral type estimations and newly established intrinsic colours, effective temperatures, and bolometric corrections for pre-main sequence (PMS) stars, we re-address the theory ...
    • A survey for variable young stars with small telescopes : first results from HOYS-CAPS 

      Froebrich, D.; Campbell-White, J.; Scholz, A.; Eislöffel, J.; Zegmott, T.; Billington, S. J.; Donohoe, J.; Makin, S. V.; Hibbert, R.; Newport, R. J.; Pickard, R.; Quinn, N.; Rodda, T.; Piehler, G.; Shelley, M.; Parkinson, S.; Wiersema, K.; Walton, I. (2018-08-01) - Journal article
      Variability in Young Stellar Objects (YSOs) is one of their primary characteristics. Long-term, multi-filter, high-cadence monitoring of large YSO samples is the key to understand the partly unusual light-curves that many ...