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  • Interaction between a surface quasi-geostrophic buoyancy anomaly jet and internal vortices 

    Reinaud, Jean Noel; Dritschel, David Gerard; Carton, Xavier (2017-08) - Journal article
    This paper addresses the dynamical coupling of the ocean's surface and the ocean's interior. In particular, we investigate the dynamics of an oceanic surface jet, and its interaction with vortices at depth. The jet is ...
  • Vortex merger in surface quasi-geostrophy 

    Carton, Xavier; Ciani, Daniele; Verron, Jacques; Reinaud, Jean Noel; Sokolovskiy, Mikhail (2016) - Journal article
    The merger of two identical surface temperature vortices is studied in the surface quasi- geostrophic model. The motivation for this study is the observation of the merger of sub- mesoscale vortices in the ocean. Firstly, ...