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    • Particle acceleration with anomalous pitch angle scattering in 2D magnetohydrodynamic reconnection simulations 

      Borissov, Alexei; Kontar, Eduard; Threlfall, James William; Neukirch, Thomas (2017-09) - Journal article
      The conversion of magnetic energy into other forms (such as plasma heating, bulk plasma flows, and non-thermal particles) during solar flares is one of the outstanding open problems in solar physics. It is generally accepted ...
    • Simulating the formation of a sigmoidal flux rope in AR10977 from SOHO/MDI magnetograms 

      Gibb, Gordon Peter Samuel; Mackay, Duncan Hendry; Green, Lucie; Meyer, Karen Alison (2014-02-20) - Journal article
      The modeling technique of Mackay et al. is applied to simulate the coronal magnetic field of NOAA active region AR10977 over a seven day period (2007 December 2-10). The simulation is driven with a sequence of line-of-sight ...
    • Solar coronal jets : observations, theory, and modeling 

      Raouafi, N. E.; Patsourakos, S.; Pariat, E.; Young, P. R.; Sterling, A. C.; Savcheva, A.; Shimojo, M.; Moreno-Insertis, F.; DeVore, C. R.; Archontis, V.; Török, T.; Mason, H.; Curdt, W.; Meyer, K.; Dalmasse, K.; Matsui, Y. (2016-11) - Journal article
      Coronal jets represent important manifestations of ubiquitous solar transients, which may be the source of significant mass and energy input to the upper solar atmosphere and the solar wind. While the energy involved in a ...