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    • Automatic presentations and semigroup constructions 

      Cain, Alan J.; Oliver, Graham; Ruskuc, Nik; Thomas, Richard M. (2010-08) - Journal article
      An automatic presentation for a relational structure is, informally, an abstract representation of the elements of that structure by means of a regular language such that the relations can all be recognized by finite ...
    • Computing finite semigroups 

      East, James; Egri-Nagy, Attila; Mitchell, James D.; Péresse, Yann (2018-02-14) - Journal article
      Using a variant of Schreier's Theorem, and the theory of Green's relations, we show how to reduce the computation of an arbitrary subsemigroup of a finite regular semigroup to that of certain associated subgroups. Examples ...
    • Green index and finiteness conditions for semigroups 

      Gray, Robert Duncan; Ruskuc, Nik (2008-10-15) - Journal article
      Let S be a semigroup and let T be a subsemigroup of S. Then T acts on S by left and by right multiplication. If the complement S \ T has finitely many strong orbits by both these actions we say that T has finite Green index ...