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    • Solvent dependent disorder in M2(BzOip)2(H2O)·solvate (M = Co or Zn) 

      McCormick, Laura J.; Morris, Samuel A.; Teat, Simon J.; Slawin, Alexandra M. Z.; Morris, Russell E. (2017-12-24) - Journal article
      Coordination polymers derived from 5-benzyloxy isophthalic acid (H2BzOip) are rare, with only three reported that do not contain additional bridging ligands, of which two M2(BzOip)2(H2O) (M = Co and Zn) are isomorphous. ...
    • The solvothermal synthesis of early transition metal fluorides 

      Aldous, David W. (University of St Andrews, 2008-03-05) - Thesis
      In this thesis, 60 crystal structures which have been synthesised by the solvothermal method are reported, with 57 of them representing novel materials. The remaining three materials have previously been reported but have ...