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  • Political resilience and EU responses to aviation terrorism 

    Argomaniz, Javier; Lehr, Peter (2016-02-05) - Journal article
    In this article, we examine how European authorities have responded to reported threats to aviation resulting from individual terrorist tactics. We do so by applying the notion of political resilience and drawing on Palonen’s ...
  • Post-trafficking bordering practices : perverse co-production, marking and stretching borders 

    Laurie, Nina; Richardson, Diane; Poudel, Meena; Townsend, Janet (2015-09) - Journal article
    This paper highlights the significance of post-trafficking scenarios for understanding bordering practices in political geography. In so doing, it addresses two significant research gaps: the lack of attention to trafficking ...
  • The Short Attachment to Pets Scale (SAPS) for children and young people : development, psychometric qualities and demographic and health associations 

    Marsa-Sambola, Ferran; Muldoon, Janine; Williams, Joanne; Lawrence, Alistair; Connor, Melanie; Currie, Candace (2016-03-01) - Journal article
    This study describes the development of the SAPS and investigates its reliability and validity within the context of the Health Behaviour in School-Aged Children Survey (HBSC) which gathered data on representative samples ...
  • Thomas Hobbes: theorist of the law 

    Lang, Anthony F.; Slomp, Gabriella (2015-12-28) - Journal article
    This short article introduces the papers that follow on the topic of Hobbes as a theorist of the law. It provides an overview of Hobbes reputation as a theorist of law in both domestic and international theory. The paper ...
  • Women and citizenship post-trafficking : the case of Nepal 

    Richardson, Diane; Laurie, Nina; Poudel, Meena; Townsend, Janet (2016-05-01) - Journal article
    This article analyses the relationship between gender, sexuality and citizenship embedded in models of citizenship in the Global South, specifically in South Asia, and the meanings associated with having - or not having - ...
  • The work of Hans Aarsleff : a brief introduction 

    Haakonssen, Knud (2016-04-13) - Journal article
    The essay provides an overview of the main lines of argument that run through the work of Hans Aarsleff. The emphasis is on the history of language theory as an integral part of intellectual history.