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    • 3D pic simulations of collisionless shocks at lunar magnetic anomalies and their role in forming lunar swirls 

      Bamford, R. A.; Alves, E. P.; Cruz, F.; Kellett, B. J.; Fonsesca, R. A.; Silva, L. O.; Trines, R. M. G. M.; Halekas, J. S.; Kamer, G.; Harnett, E.; Cairns, Robert Alan; Bingham, R. (2016-10-18) - Journal article
      Investigation of the lunar crustal magnetic anomalies offers a comprehensive long-term data set of observations of small-scale magnetic fields and their interaction with the solar wind. In this paper a review of the ...
    • Ambient magnetic field amplification in shock fronts of relativistic jets : an application to GRB afterglows 

      Rocha da Silva, G.; Falceta-Goncalves, D.; Kowal, G.; de Gouveia Dal Pino, E. M. (2015-01) - Journal article
      Strong downstream magnetic fields of the order of ∼1 G, with large correlation lengths, are believed to cause the large synchrotron emission at the afterglow phase of gamma-ray bursts (GRBs). Despite the recent theoretical ...
    • Phase mixing of nonlinear visco-resistive Alfvén waves 

      McLaughlin, James Alexander; De Moortel, Ineke; Hood, Alan William (2011-02) - Journal article
      Aims: We investigate the behaviour of nonlinear, nonideal Alfvén wave propagation within an inhomogeneous magnetic environment. Methods: The governing MHD equations are solved in 1D and 2D using both analytical techniques ...