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  • The critical merger distance between two co-rotating quasi-geostrophic vortices 

    Reinaud, Jean Noel; Dritschel, David Gerard (2005-01-10) - Journal article
    This paper examines the critical merger or strong interaction distance between two equal-potential-vorticity quasi-geostrophic vortices. The interaction between the two vortices depends on five parameters: their volume ...
  • The quasi-geostrophic ellipsoidal vortex model 

    Dritschel, David Gerard; Reinaud, Jean Noel; McKiver, William J (2004-04-25) - Journal article
    We present a simple approximate model for studying general aspects of vortex interactions in a rotating stably-stratified fluid. The model idealizes vortices by ellipsoidal volumes of uniform potential vorticity, a materially ...