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  • A high-throughput cell migration assay using scratch wound healing, a comparison of image-based readout methods 

    Yarrow, J C; Perlman, Z E; Westwood, N J; Mitchison, T J (2004-09-09) - Journal article
    Background: Cell migration is a complex phenomenon that requires the coordination of numerous cellular processes. Investigation of cell migration and its underlying biology is of interest to basic scientists and those in ...
  • PCNA and XPF cooperate to distort DNA substrates 

    Hutton, Richard David; Craggs, Timothy David; White, Malcolm F; Penedo, Carlos (2010-03) - Journal article
    XPF is a structure-specific endonuclease that preferentially cleaves 3' DNA flaps during a variety of repair processes. The crystal structure of a crenarchaeal XPF protein bound to a DNA duplex yielded insights into how ...
  • Responses of hyperthermophilic crenarchaea to UV irradiation 

    Gotz, Dorothee; Paytubi, Sonia; Munro, Stacey; Lundgren, Magnus; Bernander, Rolf; White, Malcolm F. (2007) - Journal article
    Background: DNA damage leads to cellular responses that include the increased expression of DNA repair genes, repression of DNA replication and alterations in cellular metabolism. Archaeal information processing pathways ...