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    • Being poorer than the rest of the neighborhood : relative deprivation and problem behavior of youth 

      Nieuwenhuis, Jaap; Van Ham, Maarten; Yu, Rongqin; Branje, Susan; Meeus, Wim; Hooimeijer, Pieter (2017-09) - Journal article
      According to the neighborhood effects hypothesis, there is a negative relation between neighborhood wealth and youth’s problem behavior. It is often assumed that there are more problems in deprived neighborhoods, but there ...
    • Terrorism driven by high population growth 

      Coccia, Mario (School of International Relations, University of St Andrews, 2018-05-03) - Journal article
      A fundamental problem in conflict studies is how to explain the root causes of terrorism. This study suggests that terrorism thrives in specific regions with high growth rates of population that may generate income inequality ...