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  • A core switching strategy to pyrrolo[2,3-b]quinolines and diazocino[1,2-a]indolinones 

    Jones, Alan M.; Patterson, Stephen; Lorion, Magali Myriam; Slawin, Alexandra Martha Zoya; Westwood, Nicholas James (2016-10-14) - Journal article
    Two novel core-switching rearrangements to natural product-like privileged scaffolds that proceed in up to 99% yield have been developed. The deviation away from planarity of the central N-acyl urea carbonyl, caused by the ...
  • An isothiourea-catalyzed asymmetric [2,3]-rearrangement of allylic ammonium ylides 

    West, Thomas H.; Daniels, David S. B.; Slawin, Alexandra M. Z.; Smith, Andrew D. (2014-03-26) - Journal article
    Benzotetramisole promotes the catalytic asymmetric [2,,3]-rearrangement of allylic quaternary ammonium salts (either isolated or prepared in situ from p-nitrophenyl bromoacetate and the corresponding allylic amine), ...
  • A scalable, chromatography-free synthesis of benzotetramisole 

    Daniels, David Sydney Bernard; Smith, Siobhan Rose; Lebl, Tomas; Shapland, P.; Smith, Andrew David (2015-01) - Journal article
    The scalable, chromatography-free synthesis of the chiral isothiourea benzotetramisole (BTM) in two steps from commercially available materials is presented. A detailed procedure for the synthesis of both enantiomers and ...