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    • Mechanism of enhanced performance on a hybrid direct carbon fuel cell using sawdust biofuels 

      Li, Shuangbin; Jiang, Cairong; Liu, Juan; Tao, Haoliang; Meng, Xie; Connor, Paul; Hui, Jianing; Wang, Shaorong; Ma, Jianjun; Irvine, John T. S. (2018-04-15) - Journal article
      Biomass is expected to play a significant role in power generation in the near future. With the uprising of carbon fuel cells, hybrid direct carbon fuel cells (HDCFCs) show its intrinsic and incomparable advantages in the ...
    • Why do sequence signatures predict enzyme mechanism? Homology versus Chemistry 

      Beattie, Kirsten; De Ferrari, Luna; Mitchell, John B. O. (2015-12-29) - Journal article
      We identify, firstly, InterPro sequence signatures representing evolutionary relatedness and, secondly, signatures identifying specific chemical machinery. Thus, we predict the chemical mechanisms of enzyme catalysed ...