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    • Microglia mechanics : immune activation alters traction forces and durotaxis 

      Bollmann, Lars; Koser, David E.; Shahapure, Rajesh; Gautier, Hélène O. B.; Holzapfel, Gerhard A.; Scarcelli, Giuliano; Gather, Malte Christian; Ulbricht, Elke; Franze, Kristian (2015-09-23) - Journal article
      Microglial cells are key players in the primary immune response of the central nervous system. They are highly active and motile cells that chemically and mechanically interact with their environment. While the impact of ...
    • Modelling group dynamic animal movement 

      Langrock, Roland; Hopcraft, Grant; Blackwell, Paul; Goodall, Victoria; King, Ruth; Niu, Mu; Patterson, Toby; Pedersen, Martin; Skarin, Anna; Schick, Robert Schilling (2014-02) - Journal article
      1). Group dynamics are a fundamental aspect of many species' movements. The need to adequately model individuals' interactions with other group members has been recognized, particularly in order to differentiate the role ...
    • Quantum tight-binding chains with dissipative coupling 

      Mogilevtsev, D.; Slepyan, G. Ya; Garusov, E.; Kilin, S. Ya; Korolkova, N. (2015-04-30) - Journal article
      We present a one-dimensional tight-binding chain of two-level systems coupled only through common dissipative Markovian reservoirs. This quantum chain can demonstrate anomalous thermodynamic behavior contradicting Fourier ...