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    • Computational studies of biomolecules 

      Chen, Sih-Yu (University of St Andrews, 2017-06-21) - Thesis
      In modern drug discovery, lead discovery is a term used to describe the overall process from hit discovery to lead optimisation, with the goal being to identify drug candidates. This can be greatly facilitated by the use ...
    • Improving intrusion detection model prediction by threshold adaptation 

      Al Tobi, Amjad Mohamed Hamdan; Duncan, Ishbel Mary Macdonald (2019-04-30) - Journal article
      Network traffic exhibits a high level of variability over short periods of time. This variability impacts negatively on the accuracy of anomaly-based network intrusion detection systems (IDS) that are built using predictive ...
    • Where eagles soar : fine-resolution tracking reveals the spatiotemporal use of differential soaring modes in a large raptor 

      Murgatroyd, Megan; Photopoulou, Theoni; Underhill, Les; Bouten, Willem; Amar, Arjun (2018-06-11) - Journal article
      Unlike smaller raptors, which can readily use flapping flight, large raptors are mainly restricted to soaring flight due to energetic constraints. Soaring comprises of two main strategies: thermal and orographic soaring. ...