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    • Beyond the security paradox : Ten criteria for a socially informed security policy 

      Pavone, Vincenzo; Ball, Kirstie; Degli Esposti, Sara; Dibb, Sally; Santiago Gomez, Elvira (2018-08-01) - Journal article
      This article investigates the normative and procedural criteria adopted by European citizens to assess the acceptability of surveillance-oriented security technologies. It draws on qualitative data gathered at 12 citizen ...
    • Practitioner report: The burning circle: (pre)history, performance and public engagement 

      Berger, Cara; Robertson-Kirkland, Brianna E. (The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, 2017-09-17) - Journal article
      In recent years, there has been a change of culture in the academic environment: researchers are now strongly encouraged to collaborate across disciplines and develop strategies to engage non-specialist publics with the ...