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    • Change blindness in proximity-aware mobile interfaces 

      Brock, Michael Oliver; Quigley, Aaron John; Kristensson, Per Ola (ACM, 2018-04-21) - Conference item
      Interface designs on both small and large displays can encourage people to alter their physical distance to the display. Mobile devices support this form of interaction naturally, as the user can move the device closer or ...
    • Proxemic mobile collocated interactions 

      Porcheron, Martin; Lucero, Andrés; Quigley, Aaron; Marquardt, Nicolai; Clawson, James; O'Hara, Kenton (Association for Computing Machinery, Inc, 2016-05-07) - Conference item
      Recent research on mobile collocated interactions has been looking at situations in which collocated users engage in collaborative activities using their mobile devices. However, existing practices fail to fully account ...
    • Proxemics in human-computer interaction (Dagstuhl Seminar 13452) 

      Greenberg, Saul; Hornbaek, Kasper; Quigley, Aaron John; Reiterer , Harald; Radle, Roman (2014) - Journal article
      In 1966, anthropologist Edward Hall coined the term "proxemics." Proxemics is an area of study that identifies the culturally dependent ways in which people use interpersonal distance to understand and mediate their ...