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    • Association between socioeconomic factors and cancer risk : a population cohort study in Scotland (1991-2006) 

      Sharpe, Katharine H.; McMahon, Alex D.; Raab, Gillian M.; Brewster, David H.; Conway, David I. (2014-02-27) - Journal article
      Background: Lung and upper aero-digestive tract (UADT) cancer risk are associated with low socioeconomic circumstances and routinely measured using area socioeconomic indices. We investigated effect of country of birth, ...
    • The early effects of rapid androgen deprivation on human prostate cancer 

      Shaw, Greg L.; Whitaker, Hayley; Corcoran, Marie; Dunning, Mark J.; Luxton, Hayley; Kay, Jonathan; Massie, Charlie E.; Miller, Jodi L.; Lamb, Alastair D.; Ross-Adams, Helen; Russell, Roslin; Nelson, Adam W.; Eldridge, Matthew D.; Lynch, Andrew G.; Ramos-Montoya, Antonio; Mills, Ian G.; Taylor, Angela E.; Arlt, Wiebke; Shah, Nimish; Warren, Anne Y.; Neal, David E. (2016-08) - Journal article
      The androgen receptor (AR) is the dominant growth factor in prostate cancer (PCa). Therefore, understanding how ARs regulate the human transcriptome is of paramount importance. The early effects of castration on human PCa ...
    • Epigenetic and oncogenic regulation of SLC16A7 (MCT2) results in protein over-expression, impacting on signalling and cellular phenotypes in prostate cancer 

      Pértega-Gomes, Nelma; Vizcaino, Jose R.; Felisbino, Sergio; Warren, Anne Y.; Shaw, Greg; Kay, Jonathan; Whitaker, Hayley; Lynch, Andy G.; Fryer, Lee; Neal, David E.; Massie, Charles E. (2015-06-02) - Journal article
      Monocarboxylate Transporter 2 (MCT2) is a major pyruvate transporter encoded by the SLC16A7 gene. Recent studies pointed to a consistent overexpression of MCT2 in prostate cancer (PCa) suggesting MCT2 as a putative biomarker ...
    • HES5 silencing is an early and recurrent change in prostate tumourigenesis 

      Massie, Charles E.; Spiteri, Inmaculada; Ross-Adams, Helen; Luxton, Hayley; Kay, Jonathan; Whitaker, Hayley C.; Dunning, Mark J.; Lamb, Alastair D.; Ramos-Montoya, Antonio; Brewer, Daniel S.; Cooper, Colin S.; Eeles, Rosalind; Warren, Anne Y.; Tavaré, Simon; Neal, David E.; Lynch, Andy G.; UK Prostate ICGC Group (2015-04-01) - Journal article
      Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men, resulting in over 10 000 deaths/year in the UK. Sequencing and copy number analysis of primary tumours has revealed heterogeneity within tumours and an absence of recurrent ...
    • The importance of DNA methylation in prostate cancer development 

      Massie, Charles E.; Mills, Ian G.; Lynch, Andy G. (2017-02) - Journal item
      After briefly reviewing the nature of DNA methylation, its general role in cancer and the tools available to interrogate it, we consider the literature surrounding DNA methylation as relating to prostate cancer. Specific ...
    • Integration of copy number and transcriptomics provides risk stratification in prostate cancer : a discovery and validation cohort study 

      Ross-Adams, H.; Lamb, A. D.; Dunning, M. J.; Halim, S.; Lindberg, J.; Massie, C. M.; Egevad, L. A.; Russell, R.; Ramos-Montoya, A.; Vowler, S. L.; Sharma, N. L.; Kay, J.; Whitaker, H.; Clark, J.; Hurst, R.; Gnanapragasam, V. J.; Shah, N. C.; Warren, A. Y.; Cooper, C. S.; Lynch, A. G.; Stark, R.; Mills, I. G.; Grönberg, H.; Neal, D. E.; Shaw, Greg; Hori, Satoshi; Baridi, Ajoeb; Tran, Maxine; Wadhwa, Karan; Nelson, Adam; Patel, Keval; Thomas, Benjamin; Luxton, Hayley; Gnanpragasam, Vincent; Doble, Andrew; Kastner, Christof; Aho, Tevita; Haynes, Beverley; Partridge, Wendy; Cromwell, Elizabeth; Sangrasi, Asif; Burge, Jo; George, Anne; Stearn, Sara; Corcoran, Marie; Coret, Hansley; Basnett, Gillian; Francis, Indu; Whitington, Thomas; Yuan, Yinyin; CamCaP Study Group (2015-09) - Journal article
      Background : Understanding the heterogeneous genotypes and phenotypes of prostate cancer is fundamental to improving the way we treat this disease. As yet, there are no validated descriptions of prostate cancer subgroups ...
    • Mining human prostate cancer datasets : the “camcAPP” shiny app 

      Dunning, Mark J.; Vowler, Sarah L.; Lalonde, Emilie; Ross-Adams, Helen; Boutros, Paul; Mills, Ian G.; Lynch, Andy G.; Lamb, Alastair D. (2017-03) - Journal item
    • Nitric oxide donors for the treatment of prostate cancer 

      Nortcliffe, Andrew (University of St Andrews, 2013-11-29) - Thesis
      Chapter One provides a general introduction into the biology and chemistry of nitric oxide, with particular focus on the role of nitric oxide in cardiovascular disease, cancer and hypoxia. It also details the types of ...
    • Prostate-specific antigen as a risk factor for skeletal metastasis in native ethnic African Men with prostate cancer : a case control study 

      Qureshi, Ayman; Makhdomi, Khalid; Stones, William (2017) - Journal article
      Prostate cancer is the commonest non cutaneous cancer in males. Men of African origin are at significantly higher risk as reflected in higher incidence and mortality rates in this racial group. Metastases incidence increases ...
    • The role of TET-mediated DNA hydroxymethylation in prostate cancer 

      Smeets, E.; Lynch, A. G.; Prekovic, S.; Van den Broeck, T.; Moris, L; Helsen, C.; Joniau, S.; Claessens, F.; Massie, C. E. (2018-02-15) - Journal item
      Ten-eleven translocation (TET) proteins are recently characterized dioxygenases that regulate demethylation by oxidizing 5-methylcytosine to 5-hydroxymethylcytosine and further derivatives. The recent finding that 5hmC is ...