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    • Automatically improving constraint models in Savile Row 

      Nightingale, Peter; Akgün, Özgür; Gent, Ian P.; Jefferson, Christopher; Miguel, Ian; Spracklen, Patrick (2017-10) - Journal article
      When solving a combinatorial problem using Constraint Programming (CP) or Satisfiability (SAT), modelling and formulation are vital and difficult tasks. Even an expert human may explore many alternatives in modelling a ...
    • A review of literature on parallel constraint solving 

      Gent, Ian Philip; Miguel, Ian James; Nightingale, Peter William; McCreesh, Ciaran; Prosser, Patrick; Moore, Neil; Unsworth, Chris (2018-09) - Journal article
      As multi-core computing is now standard, it seems irresponsible for constraints researchers to ignore the implications of it. Researchers need to address a number of issues to exploit parallelism, such as: investigating ...