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  • Electron acceleration above thunderclouds 

    Fuellekrug, Martin; Kolmasova, Ivana; Santolik, Ondrej; Farges, Thomas; Bor, Jozsef; Bennett, Alec; Parrot, Michel; Rison, William; Zanotti, Ferruccio; Arnone, Enrico; Mezentsev, Andrew; Lan, Radek; Uhlir, Ludek; Harrison, Giles; Soula, Serge; van der Velde, Oscar; Pincon, Jean-Louis; Helling, Christiane; Diver, Declan (2013-08-13) - Journal article
    The acceleration of electrons results in observable electromagnetic waves which can be used for remote sensing. Here, we make use of similar to 4 Hz-66 MHz radio waves emitted by two consecutive intense positive lightning ...
  • A tree-ring reconstruction of the South Asian summer monsoon index over the past millennium 

    Shi, Feng; Li, Jianping; Wilson, Rob J. S. (2014-10-23) - Journal article
    The South Asian summer monsoon (SASM) is a major atmospheric synoptic climate system affecting nearly a quarter of the human population. Climate proxy data derived from tree rings, ice cores, speleothems, and other sources ...