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    • Framework for assessing impacts of pile-driving noise from offshore wind farm construction on a harbour seal population 

      Thompson, P.M.; Hastie, G.D.; Nedwell, J.; Barham, R.; Brookes, K.L.; Cordes, Line S.; Bailey, H.; McLean, Nancy (2013-11-01) - Journal article
      Offshore wind farm developments may impact protected marine mammal populations, requiring appropriate assessment under the EU Habitats Directive. We describe a framework developed to assess population level impacts of ...
    • Understanding the population consequences of disturbance 

      Pirotta, Enrico; Booth, Cormac G.; Costa, Daniel P.; Fleishman, Erica; Kraus, Scott D.; Lusseau, David; Moretti, David; New, Leslie F.; Schick, Robert S.; Schwarz, Lisa K.; Simmons, Samantha E.; Thomas, Len; Tyack, Peter L.; Weise, Michael J.; Wells, Randall S.; Harwood, John (2018-09-12) - Journal item
      Managing the nonlethal effects of disturbance on wildlife populations has been a long-term goal for decision makers, managers, and ecologists, and assessment of these effects is currently required by European Union and ...