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  • Ionization in atmospheres of brown dwarfs and extrasolar planets III. Breakdown conditions for mineral clouds 

    Helling, Christiane; Jardine, Moira Mary; Stark, Craig Ronald; Diver, D. (2013-04-20) - Journal article
    Electric discharges were detected directly in the cloudy atmospheres of Earth, Jupiter, and Saturn, are debatable for Venus, and indirectly inferred for Neptune and Uranus in our solar system. Sprites (and other types of ...
  • Optical trapping with superfocused high-M2 laser diode beam 

    Sokolovskii, G. S.; Dudelev, V. V.; Melissinaki, V.; Losev, S. N.; Sobolev, K. K.; Deryagin, A. G.; Kuchinskii, V. I.; Farsari, M.; Sibbett, W.; Rafailov, E. U. (SPIE, 2015-03-03) - Conference item
    Many applications of high-power laser diodes demand tight focusing. This is often not possible due to the multimode nature of semiconductor laser radiation possessing beam propagation parameter M2 values in double-digits. ...