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    • Atomic-scale control of competing electronic phases in ultrathin LaNiO3 

      King, P. D. C.; Wei, H. I.; Nie, Y. F.; Uchida, M.; Adamo, C.; Zhu, S.; He, X.; Bozovic, I.; Schlom, D. G.; Shen, K. M. (2014-06) - Journal article
      In an effort to scale down electronic devices to atomic dimensions(1), the use of transition-metal oxides may provide advantages over conventional semiconductors. Their high carrier densities and short electronic length ...
    • Spectroscopic indications of polaronic behavior of the strong spin-orbit insulator Sr3Ir2O7 

      King, Phil; Takayama, T.; Tamai, Anna; Rozbicki, Emil Jerzy; McKeown Walker, Siobhan Ellen; Shi, M.; Patthey, L.; Moore, R.G.; Lu, D.; Shen, K. M.; Takagi, H.; Baumberger, Felix (2013-06-24) - Journal article
      We investigate the bilayer Ruddlesden-Popper iridate Sr3Ir2O7 by temperature-dependent angle-resolved photoemission. At low temperatures, we find a fully gapped correlated insulator, characterized by a small charge gap and ...