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    • Charge pair dissociation and recombination dynamics in a P3HT–PC60BM bulk heterojunction 

      Matheson, Andrew Barclay; Pearson, Scott James; Ruseckas, Arvydas; Samuel, Ifor David William (2013-12-05) - Journal item
      The mechanism by which Coulombically bound charge pairs dissociate into free carriers in photovoltaic donor–acceptor blends is of great interest. Here, we use polarization-sensitive transient absorption (TA) to study the ...
    • Effect of a high boiling point additive on the morphology of solution-processed P3HT-fullerene blends 

      Long, Yun; Ward, Alexander J.; Ruseckas, Arvydas; Samuel, Ifor David William (2016-06) - Journal article
      The use of high boiling point additives in solution processing has been widely employed to control the active layer morphology in bulk heterojunction organic solar cells. The morphology of the heterojunction is crucial in ...
    • Unprecedented strongly panchromic absorption from proton switchable iridium(III) azoimidazolate complexes 

      Henwood, Adam Francis; Hu, Yue; Sajjad, Muhammad Tariq; Thalluri, Venkata Visveswara Gopala Krishna; Ghosh, Sanjay Sanatan; Cordes, David Bradford; Slawin, Alexandra Martha Zoya; Samuel, Ifor David William; Robertson, Neil; Zysman-Colman, Eli (2015-12) - Journal article
      Two novel heteroleptic iridium(III) complexes bearing an aryldiazoimidazole ligand are reported. These complexes differ structurally with respect to the protonation state of the imidazole ring, but can be independently ...