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    • Effects of ecological scaling on biodiversity patterns 

      Antão, Laura H. (University of St Andrews, 2018-06-27) - Thesis
      Biodiversity is determined by a myriad of complex processes acting at different scales. Given the current rates of biodiversity loss and change, it is of paramount importance that we improve our understanding of the ...
    • Simulating shifts in taxonomic and functional β-diversity of ray-finned fishes : probing the Mariana disaster 

      Trindade-Santos, Isaac; Eduardo, Anderson Aires; Moyes, Faye; Martinez, Pablo Ariel; Magurran, Anne E.; Gouveia, Sidney F. (2018-12) - Journal article
      Environmental catastrophes may precipitate local species extinctions, hence altering community composition (i.e., β-diversity) at the regional scale. Assessments of the impacts of such disturbance may be hindered by the ...