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    • A chemical kinetics network for lightning and life in planetary atmospheres 

      Rimmer, Paul; Helling, Christiane (2016-05) - Journal article
      There are many open questions about prebiotic chemistry in both planetary and exoplanetary environments. The increasing number of known exoplanets and other ultra-cool, substellar objects has propelled the desire to detect ...
    • Lightning chemistry on Earth-like exoplanets 

      Ardaseva, Aleksandra; Rimmer, Paul B.; Waldmann, Ingo; Rocchetto, Marco; Yurchenko, Sergey N.; Helling, Christiane; Tennyson, Jonathan (2017-08) - Journal article
      We present a model for lightning shock-induced chemistry that can be applied to atmospheres of arbitrary H/C/N/O chemistry, hence for extrasolar planets and brown dwarfs. The model couples hydrodynamics and the STAND2015 ...
    • Radiation thermo-chemical models of protoplanetary discs IV. Modelling CO ro-vibrational emission from Herbig Ae discs 

      Thi, W.F.; Kamp, I.; Woitke, P.; Van Der Plas, G.; Bertelsen, R.; Wiesenfeld, L. (2013-03) - Journal article
      Context. The carbon monoxide (CO) ro-vibrational emission from discs around Herbig Ae stars and T Tauri stars with strong ultraviolet emissions suggests that fluorescence pumping from the ground X1Σ+ to the electronic A1Π ...