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    • First indications that northern bottlenose whales are sensitive to behavioural disturbance from anthropogenic noise 

      Miller, Patrick; Kvadsheim, P H; Lam, F P A; Tyack, Peter Lloyd; Curé, C; De Ruiter, Stacy Lynn; Kleivane, L; Sivle, L D; van IJsselmuide, S P; Visser, F; Wensveen, Paulus Jacobus; von Benda-Beckmann, A M; Martin Lopez, Lucia Martina; Narazaki, Tomoko; Hooker, Sascha Kate (2015-06-03) - Journal article
      Although northern bottlenose whales were the most heavily hunted beaked whale, we have little information about this species in its remote habitat of the North Atlantic Ocean. Underwater anthropogenic noise and disruption ...
    • The use of active sonar to study cetaceans 

      Bernasconi, Matteo (University of St Andrews, 2012-06) - Thesis
      Cetacean species face serious challenges worldwide due to the increasing noise pollution brought to their environment by human activities such as seismic exploration. Regulation of these activities is vaguely defined and ...