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    • Deficits in facial, body movement and vocal emotional processing in autism spectrum disorders 

      Philip, R. C. M.; Whalley, H. C.; Stanfield, A. C.; Sprengelmeyer, Reiner Heinrich; Santos, I. M.; Young, A. W.; Atkinson, A. P.; Calder, A. J.; Johnstone, E. C.; Lawrie, S. M.; Hall, J. (2010-11) - Journal article
      Background. Previous behavioural and neuroimaging studies of emotion processing in autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) have focused on the use of facial stimuli. To date, however, no studies have examined emotion processing ...
    • Marilynne Robinson’s Calvinist apology in fiction and essay 

      Pásztor, Péter (St Mary's College, University of St Andrews, 2013-12-01) - Journal article
      While Calvinism has not fared particularly well in the mainstream Zeitgeist of late, Péter Pásztor’s paper reflects on how it has recently found a major apologist in the work of the novelist and essayist Marilynne Robinson. ...