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    • Extending the ‘Open-Closed Principle’ to automated algorithm configuration 

      Swan, Jerry; Adriænsen, Stephen; Barwell, Adam David; Hammond, Kevin; White, David (2019-03-04) - Journal article
      Metaheuristics are an effective and diverse class of optimization algorithms: a means of obtaining solutions of acceptable quality for otherwise intractable problems. The selection, construction, and configuration of a ...
    • The Missing Link! A new skeleton for evolutionary multi-agent systems in Erlang 

      Stypka, Jan; Turek, Wojciech; Byrski, Aleksander; Kisiel-Dorohinicki, Marek; Barwell, Adam David; Brown, Christopher Mark; Hammond, Kevin; Janjic, Vladimir (2018-02) - Journal article
      Evolutionary multi-agent systems (EMAS) play a critical role in many artificial intelligence applications that are in use today. In this paper, we present a new generic skeleton in Erlang for parallel EMAS computations. ...
    • Towards ‘Metaheuristics in the Large’ 

      Swann, Jerry; Hammond, Kevin (2015-06-07) - Conference paper
      There is a pressing need for a higher-level architectural per- spective in metaheuristics research. This article proposes a purely functional collection of component signatures as a basis for the scalable and automatic ...